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Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sling, stiletto
Death: Killed by Zassaliss
Appears: Triss

Shogg was an otter prisoner on Riftgard along with such creatures as Triss, Welfo, and Drufo. Alongside Welfo and Triss he was sent down to the cages to be executed by Princess Kurda but with Drufo's help the three escaped and fled the island by way of the boat that the Riftgard slaves had constructed for Kurda and Prince Bladd's journey to Mossflower Woods.

Shogg was the only beast who remained with Triss from the beginning of her journey as Welfo eventually stayed on Peace Island to live with the hedgehogs who resided there.

Shogg was a major part of the defense of Redwall Abbey during the siege caused by Plugg Firetail and Princess Kurda. He was mortally wounded in the musty corridors of Brockhall by Zassaliss, taking a bite meant for Triss. Managing to reach the outside to inform Triss of Kurda's escape, he died in her arms a short time later. He was lain down to rest by his friends under a tree in Redwall Abbey. The young sea otter Kroova Wavedog, who had bonded closely with him, took his death very hard.

Triss named the little ketch in which she, Shogg and Welfo had used in their escape Shogg in his honor; she later gave the ketch to Gulif and the Guosim before leaving to free the slaves from Riftgard.


  • Along with Triss and Welfo, Shogg was one of the first slaves to escape from Riftgard and one of the first creatures to visit Peace Island.