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Sir Harry the Muse

Sir Harry the Muse

Species: Owl
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown, presumably old age
Appears: Mattimeo
Voice(s): Andrew Gillies (Season 2)
TV Series: Season 2

Sir Harry the Muse was a very poetic owl, but insisted on using his rhyming ability only for casual conversation. He first appeared when Matthias and his crew were trying to climb up a cliff. The fox they were tracking, Slagar the Cruel, had cleverly pulled up the rope ladders that he and his band had used to scale the cliffs. In exchange for food, Sir Harry flew up and let down the ladders.

Later, when Matthias' party had made more progress, two buzzards attacked the trackers and successfully lifted a shrew into the air. The owl reappeared almost out of nowhere and head-butted the birds, making the shrew fall from their talons. He also brought up the fallen bridge that had spanned The Abyss until Slagar cut it down. When the searchers captured Threeclaws and the four other weasels, Harry took them down south to be released far away.

Later, when the heroes had returned to Redwall Abbey, he was elected the Leader and Poetry Instructor of the Sparra colony, and repeatedly resigned because of the Sparra's manner of talking.

Sir Harry the Muse from the Redwall TV Series

He was very fond of food, particularly cake, and ate as much as Basil Stag Hare, leading to Basil's jealousy and calling Sir Harry, very tongue in cheek, a "great feedbag."


  • Sir Harry is named after Sir Harry Livermore, a lawyer friend of Brian Jacques' from Liverpool. He requested to be a rat character, however Brian claimed he had "been a rat long enough", and made him an owl.
  • Sir Harry usually talks in rhyme, though the infamous incident where he doesn't is when he asks Matthias and his friends, "Cake? Do you have any cake?"