Sister Violet

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Sister Violet was a female hedgehog that lived at Redwall Abbey during the time of the hunt for the Doomwyte jewels. She helped take care of the Dibbuns and kept a historical archive in The Gatehouse.

Furff and a very tiny mousebabe went alone to The Bell Tower to ring the bells, but hadn't enough force to do it. The RavenWyte Tarul saw his chance of taking a captive for Korvus Skurr and prepared to swoop down on them.

Sister Violet who had seen the Dibbuns sneak to the belltower and followed them, arriving just in time to help them ring the bells, which crushed the raven to death. However, as a peaceful creature, she refused to say that she had killed the bird, stating that it was an accident.

Not to be confused with Sister Viola.

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