Skalrag from the Redwall TV Series

Species: Fox
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Bow and Arrow , Sword, Spear
Death: Killed by Badrang the Tyrant because he was a spy of Tramun Clogg's
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Voice(s): Jonathan Wilson
TV Series: Season 3
"Foxes was allus traitors. I never liked that one."
Tramun Clogg

A wily, conniving, haughty fox, Skalrag was an aide and captain to Badrang the Tyrant in Fort Marshank. Among his duties was to report the goings-on of the fortress regularly to Badrang. To do this, he had a spy among the slaves, Druwp the vole. Druwp reported regularly to Skalrag, and was rewarded with food and drink. Skalrag was often taken by surprise at how much Druwp knew.

Skalrag was also one of the cruel slavedrivers. Once, he was paid back for his cruelty, when the squirrel slave Felldoh ripped off half of his ear with a thrown stone. Felldoh was taken to the prison pit of Marshank for his insolence.


During one of Tramun Clogg's attacks on Marshank, Skalrag was ordered to take a small complement of archers out to the bay and to burn Clogg's galley, the Seascarab. He was successful, but also unfortunate enough to meet Clogg's corsairs, who captured them.

As a prisoner, Skalrag promised Clogg that he would spy on Badrang in return for his life. Satisfied, Clogg returned Skalrag inside, but Skalrag was executed on the suspicious Badrang's orders.

Redwall TV Series

In Season 3 of the Redwall TV Series, Skalrag's death was tickle torture over the Marshank gates, which led to the fox losing his grip and falling to his death. In the book Martin the Warrior, Skalrag is shot at for target practice.

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