Slavers from Slagar's Gang

Slagar's Gang was a motley array of eighteen weasel, stoat, and ferret slavers, and one rat, Vitch, who were led by Slagar the Cruel in the capturing of young slaves for the polecat Malkariss. Slagar had made the trip to Malkariss's subterranean kingdom more than once, and it was said by the Old Rabbit that once his slaves were captured and brought to his employer's domain, Slagar would either kill the remainder of the vermin, or ditch them. Each time, he would recruit a new band of slavers and repeat the process.

It is not known exactly how many times Slagar had done this, but it is mentioned that he had gone through many vermin slavers.

The following consists of known members, starting just before the deception and raid on Redwall Abbey:

Band Members


Three slavers of Slagar fully armed. They are: Halftail the stoat, Wedgeback the stoat (Fleaback in TV Series), and Wartclaw the weasel


The slavers appear in Mattimeo.


  • Slagar's Gang is one of the very few known vermin groups in the Redwall series to hold such a significantly small number of rats, whereas the standard vermin group typically consists of a rather large number of rats, as they are very common hordebeasts.
  • In The Redwall TV series, Slagar is always asking Threeclaws to watch over Vitch. Why he asks Threeclaws and no other hordebeast is unknown.