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Songs from Redwall: 20 Years of Redwall Music is an audio cd containing selected songs from the Redwall Audio Books. It is exclusively offered by the La Dita Bookshop.

The cover artwork is from The Great Redwall Feast, A Redwall Winter's Tale, and The Redwall Cookbook illustrator, Christopher Denise.


Songs from Redwall CD

  • Released: April 18, 2007; MP3 March 2012
  • Musician/Composer: Billy Maher
  • Performers: Redwall Company Players
  • Length: 69 min. 49 seconds
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The tracklisting comes from 12 of the Redwall Audio Books.

1 IntroductionMariel of Redwall1:38
2 Rappity TapLoamhedge1:49
3 Song of the RiverSalamandastron1:56
4 Dingle DuckTaggerung1:40
5 Stars and MoonTaggerung1:13
6 Log A LogLoamhedge1:09
7 LadiesLoamhedge1:44
8 O'er the HillsLoamhedge2:02
9 Plant SongOutcast of Redwall1:19
10 Dungle DripsLoamhedge0:46
11 Tilly the WildHigh Rhulain1:23
12 Frog SongRakkety Tam2:19
13 Worm SongHigh Rhulain1:14
14 Skilly and DuffHigh Rhulain0:51
15 DawnLoamhedge1:30
16 PaddlingSalamandastron1:33
17 EducationTriss1:43
18 Pull Boys PullSalamandastron0:55
19 Peaceful NightHigh Rhulain1:40
20 MartinSalamandastron2:08
21 Summer SunTriss1:05
22 Tramp Tramp TrampRakkety Tam1:12
23 Footlecum DurTriss1:23
24 BarnaclesHigh Rhulain1:57
25 Sleep Baby SleepTaggerung0:50
26 HoneyTriss1:20
27 Mouse and MoleThe Bellmaker1:34
28 Rose SongLoamhedge2:00
29 Winter OMariel of Redwall0:54
30 Algy and BobbsRakkety Tam1:56
31 ShrumThe Bellmaker0:52
32 Lark SongHigh Rhulain1:24
33 To TableMattimeo0:55
34 Rakkety TamRakkety Tam1:54
35 Me MammyRakkety Tam1:51
36 Moles SongMartin the Warrior0:49
37 PawsTaggerung0:51
38 October AleThe Long Patrol1:36
39 Slumber OnRakkety Tam1:45
40 My CaterpillarOutcast of Redwall1:18
41 Laddie BuckHigh Rhulain1:36
42 Gates of SpringOutcast of Redwall1:40
43 Little OnesThe Long Patrol1:53
44 Walla WallaRakkety Tam2:20
45 Good FortuneLoamhedge0:49
46 GoodnightMariel of Redwall1:05
47 HomeOutcast of Redwall1:28

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Twenty Years of Redwall Songs
Performed by The Redwall Company Players
Selected from 20 Years of Redwall unabridged audio books.
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  • O'er The Hills is actually found in The Long Patrol
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