Sophia Ryemaid

Sophia Ryemaid

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Lilygrove
Gender: Female
Weapon: Slingshot
Death: Unknown
Voice(s): Hannah Tuttle
Games: The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout

Sophia Ryemaid was a Lilygrove resident, the betrothed of Liam Rivermouse, and a member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps. She is one of the two main protagonists of The Scout. Upon graduation of her Scout Corps training, she was given the nickname "Overwatch."

Official Description

Sophia comes from a family of Lilygrove natives that goes back dozens of generations and while hers is an established family, they are working class villagers. Sophia’s father died of illness when she was a young girl at which point her mother, her two sisters, and herself worked the family rye farm and brewhouse to pay the bills. But Sophia was never satisfied with the agrarian life and as soon as she was old enough she applied to the scouting apprenticeship and was accepted. Her mother accepts this choice with a tense jaw and bitten tongue but her sisters think Sophia is moving into snobbery by abandoning the family trade as if she were too good for it.

But the truth is that Sophia has a case of wanderlust and she’d never be happy with a quiet life. Sophia’s personality skews toward the quiet and contemplative but she is sharp as a tack with a keen eye for knowing people’s heart’s and motives. She has learned to trust her gut when it comes to judging other people’s characters but it’s not uncommon for her to have come to some conclusion about a person entirely in her head only to find out she’s misjudged them.

It was this habit that led to her fondness for Liam. As dibbuns, she took his frivolous nature as an indication of shallowness, only later to discover the thoughtful, introspective mouse she would come to love.

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