Squire Julian Gingivere

Squire Julian Gingivere

Species: Wildcat
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Redwall
Voice(s): Keith Knight (Redwall); Paul Denemy
TV Series: Season 1

Squire Julian Gingivere was the last living descendant of Gingivere Greeneyes, Sandingomm, Verdauga Greeneyes, and King Mortspear. He was physically described as having a high-pitched, cultured voice, and had turquoise eyes. Julian was also a vegetarian and detested the taste of mouse, though he did not mind fish. He lived alone on the same farm that was once inhabited by Gingivere and Sandingomm.

Although he had an unpleasant quarrel with his owl friend, Captain Snow, Julian renewed the friendship with the help of Matthias. He assisted Matthias in his quest by allowing the mouse to ride on his back and bringing him to the lair of Captain Snow. Later, Julian and Captain Snow destroyed the remaining group of Cluny's horde that had almost gotten away.


  • Squire Julian Gingivere was described as a marmalade cat as opposed to a wildcat, although his ancestors Gingivere and Sandingomm were described as a wildcats, hinting at a loss of the pure-bred wildcat line in his ancestry. This is a similar situation with the High Rhulain characters of Jeefra and Pitru.

Squire Julian Gingivere from the Redwall TV Series

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