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Stiffener Medick

Stiffener Medick by Chris Baker

Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Salamandastron
Gender: Male
Weapon: Fists
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Stiffener Medick was a boxing hare at Salamandastron during the rule of Lord Stonepaw. He was also the grandfather of Southpaw and Bobweave, who were boxing hares like him and who he was immensely proud of. He kept himself very fit, even in his old age, and commited himself to rigorous exercise each morning. He was an extremely talented boxer. When Salamandastron was under attack by Ungatt Trunn, Stiffener was one of the few to escape via a hidden tunnel. He played a major role in the rest of the attacks against Trunn, as he was one of the key figures in the Bark Crew.

During the time in the caves Stiffener pulled stunts by boxing vermin to get supplies. The order was given by Stonepaw that Stiffner should lead the remaining hares out of Salamandastron.

Once out of Salamandastron, Stiffener took control and immediately started to plan a way to help his fellow companions, held hostage, escape. He teamed up with Brogalaw, the Skipper of otters to fight back Ungatt Trunn. His attempts helped out and the Bark Crew was formed to stop Ungatt's foraging crews from getting supplies to the mountain. His attempts paid off in that Ungatt's horde became weaker, allowing them to be easily overwhelmed. At the finishing battle Stiffner was reunited with his aforementioned grandsons.