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Stryk Redkite


Species: Red Kite
Place of Origin: Northern Mountains,Northlands
Gender: Female
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo
Voice(s): Nicky Mackay (Mattimeo)
TV Series: Season 2

Stryk Redkite was a large female red kite. She originally lived in the Northern Mountains. Stryk made her nest on a small branch sticking out of the mountainside; however, the branch soon rotted away and broke off, leaving Stryk to bounce down the mountain, breaking her wing as she went down.

She lay there for many days, until hunger and pain overtook her and forced her to fly and get help. She flapped doggedly down south and into Mossflower Woods before she sighted Redwall Abbey and made for it hoping that she would find help. Weakened by days without food or drink, the red kite was attacked by some of General Ironbeak's fighters upon her arrival and was in no shape to defend herself.

Luckily, Constance came to her rescue, batting away rooks and dragged Stryk down the tunnels built by Foremole. Soon afterwards, Sister May and John Churchmouse helped heal her wing, but they said it will take time and she must wait. Not wanting to wait, Stryk wanted to fly again. However, a few days later, Ironbeak and his rooks succeeded in getting past the barrier and finally into Cavern Hole. Sister May then lunged at Ironbeak, however she was flung to the ground and was pecked at madly. What Ironbeak didn't count on was Stryk Redkite, whose wing had healed in a remarkably short time. The raven was no match for the fierce red kite. After a brief fight, Stryk killed Ironbeak, and the rest of his army was vanquished.

Stryk from the Redwall TV Series

Later Stryk returned to the mountains and at some point within the next seven seasons mated with another giant red kite named Skine. She visited Redwall with her mate and her daughter, May, who was named after Sister May as Stryk perceived her to be a fierce fighter.

Stryk spoke with a northern accent, like most other mountain hawks and eagles. She spoke in third person and her birdcall was usually “Kreeeeegh!”


  • Aside from Bluddbeak, Stryk's family were the only kites mentioned in the Redwall series.