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Tales of Twelve Cities: The Comic's Tale was a 1981 BBC North West documentary about life in Liverpool featuring Brian Jacques. It first aired May 10, 1981, on BBC2. Jacques appears about six minutes into the program.

The documentary also featured comedian Jackie Hamilton, Ray Kingsley, Paul McNally, The New Montrose Club, The Kebab House, Mersey Docks & Harbour Company, Davy Liver Taxis, and BBC Radio Merseyside.


Brian Jacques appears six minutes into the documentary for an approximately six and a half minute segment about the Liverpool docks.

He narrates over footage of dock workers moving and loading freight, describing joking nicknames for the various types of work ethic that they may have.

Jacques later discusses the life of a dock worker with three other men at a table, and concludes with a poem about Liverpool dock life.

Official Summary[]

Alan Bleasdale looks at the unique humour of his native Liverpool by talking to Scousers at various working men's clubs, pubs, the Docks, Job Centres, Radio Merseyside, Great Homer Street market, taxi offices and pubs on the Dock Road. There is footage of stand-up comedians Jackie Hamilton and Ray Kingsley on-stage. Dockers recount humourous anecdotes about working in the docks and ex-Docker Brian Jiggs laments the demise of the world's busiest docks. Focuses on Toxteth's high unemployment and poor facilities. Includes several aerial shots of the city and its docks, shots of half-demolished buildings and derelict docks. Bleasdale visits the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind where children tell jokes and child comedian Paul McNally is shown on-stage. Youths at a job centre talk about unemployment and Nelly Flanaghan, manageress of 'The Victoria' pub on the Dock road recounts funny stories.


A documentary film series about life in some of Britain's cities as seen by a few of the people who live in them.

"Terrible about Ray Clemence, the Liverpool goalie. Given up football altogether... Signed for Everton." "This docker is walking out of the main gates an' he's got an alarm clock up his jumper. The dock copper stops him. "What you got there?" "Nuttin'". The alarm clock rings and the copper goes into the dock office to answer the phone."

In Liverpool there's a funny side to everything and it's marked 'This Side Up'. The comedy is tough, rebellious, spontaneous. It's not only with the comics in the clubs, it's all over the city. Brian Jaques, ex-docker, current wit, shows his city - lot of laughs.

Alan Bleasdale, born and bred here too, tells the tale. "Amongst the laughter we're dying, but we think we're doing it in style."

Cast & Crew[]

  • Narrator: Alan Bleasdale
  • Film Cameraman: Gren Dobson
  • Film Recordist: Andy Bennett
  • Production Assistant: Sue Jennings
  • Dubbing Mixer: Francis Cooke
  • Film Editor: John Grove
  • Executive Producer: James Dewar
  • Producer: Tony Broughton


Tales of Twelve Cities: The Comic's Tale features the song "Mallet Ballet" by Spyro Gyra.