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Tamello "Tammo" De Fformelo Tussock


Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Camp Tussock
Gender: Male
Weapon: Dirk, Spear, and Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Long Patrol

Tamello De Fformelo Tussock, also known as Tammo, was a young male hare and the son of Cornspurrey and Mem Divinia, the younger brother of Saithe and Lynum, and later became the husband of Pasque Valerian.

As a youth, Tammo resided at Camp Tussock, and after hearing stories about the Long Patrol from his father, who was formerly a Colonel in the Patrol, and wanting to join (much to his father's disagreement), ran away with help from Russa Nodrey and his mother to recruit in the famous hare army.

Tammo and Russa eventually met up with a small group of the Long Patrol under Major Perigord. After having many perilous skirmishes with Rapscallions and Painted Ones, (in one of which, Russa was slain) they eventually journeyed to Redwall Abbey. When news about the approaching Rapscallions was brought to them by the Guosim and Waterhogs, Tammo became part of a Council of War with other Long Patrol and Abbey members.

During this council, Martin the Warrior spoke through Tammo, instructing the leaders on how to defeat Damug Warfang and the Rapscallions.

Along with Midge Manycoats, Tammo infiltrated the Rapscallion camp under the alias of "Burfal the Silent One", to steer Damug away from the Abbey. They both rescued Fourdun from the army's camp. During the escape, Tammo killed Rinkul the ferret in vengeance for Russa's death and retrieved her renowned stick, which Rinkul had stolen.

After successfully completing his mission with Midge, Tammo, the Long Patrol, and others engaged in battle at the Ridge of a Thousand with the Rapscallions, and won. During the battle, Tammo was wounded in the leg by a Rapscallion's pike, and for the rest of his life walked with a limp, though he treated it lightly and it was hardly noticeable.

Shortly afterward, Tammo married Pasque and became a Captain in the Long Patrol under the badger Lord Russano the Wise.


  • Tussock is a kind of grass.
  • Only one hare besides Tammo and Midge, Mad Maudie, was able to successfully infiltrate a group of vermin as one of their own.