The Attic, located above the dormitories and below the roof (specifically the Warbeak Loft region of it), was the main dwelling of Fermald the Ancient. This place was not often visited and was virtually forgotten after Fermald's death.

The attic was connected to the dormitories via a spiral staircase leading to a long corridor. This relatively dusky area was lit during the daytime by a high window of rock crystal. The chamber was furnished with various old items of furniture, including a large battered armchair and a great wall cupboard.

The attic was situated on the north side of the Abbey and the window of the attic faced south. The outside of the window featured a carved mouse in the stone above it as well as a large ledge below it. Near the window, located on a stone parapet, sat the nest of a house martin.

This place was the main focus for the search of the Tears of all Oceans. Many clues related to the famous pearls were located in or around the attic.

During the events of Salamandastron, the Dryditch Fever had spread so rapidly that the infirmiry had reached its maximum capacity, so some creatures were located to the attic for treatment.

The attic was eventually converted into a comfortable den designed for Abbey elders to relax.

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