The Cellar is a region of Redwall Abbey where all the ales, cordials, fizzes and other drinks consumed by Abbey residents are brewed and stored. Resident cellarmasters and brewers carefully prepare and monitor these wonderful beverages, which add to the pride and fame of the Abbey.

The Cellar is a vast, underground area - much of it is ill-lit, and creatures are constantly discovering things about it they had not known before. At least two secret passages are known to lead out of the cellars - one was discovered in the time of Mattimeo, and the other in the time of Doomwyte. There is also a spring beneath the cellar floor, also discovered in the time of Mattimeo. Furthermore, the cellar has a "little forge" of sorts in it, presumably for making such things as barrel rings - this is mentioned in the books Rakkety Tam and High Rhulain.

In the time of Doomwyte, it is mentioned that no doors in the Abbey (including that of the cellar) have keys or keyholes. However, by the time of The Rogue Crew, a keyhole or padlock of some sort had been installed on the Cellar door; Foremole Roogo is described as carrying around a set of keys, with which he locks or unlocks the Cellars as he sees fit.


Cellarmasters are generally hedgehogs or moles. Quite often the title of Cellarmaster becomes a family trade, passed on from generation to generation.

Here are the known Cellarmasters in chronological order.

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