The Liverpool Fishermen, promotional photo

The Liverpool Fishermen was a 1970s Liverpool folk singing group consisting of Brian Jacques, his brothers Tony Jacques (older) and Jimmy Jacques (younger), and other Liverpudlians Bobby Dyson, Alan Fitzgerald, and Bernard Davis. Stan Francis also played in the band for a stint.

The Jacques brothers were the vocalists of the group; Dyson played guitar and banjo; Fitzgerald played 12 and 6 string guitars, and Davis also played banjo.

Their musical repertoire included "traditional and contemporary, Irish and Liverpool songs, monologues, etc."

Jimmy and Tony Jacques later emigrated to New Zealand; Tony passed away there in 1998. After 12 years, Jimmy returned to the UK to assist with the Redwall business.

All members of the group were born and raised in Liverpool, and described themselves as having a strong penchant for beer - often times Guinness. Their advertising stated that they performed "wakes, weddings, Irish fights, folk clubs, [and] French TV."


Brian Jacques has stated his top 5 music artists are:

  1. Mario Lanza - Torna Surriento
  2. Roy Orbison - Running Scared
  3. Benjiamino Gigli - Tristesse
  4. Frank Sinatra - The Summer Wind
  5. The Dubliners - Rattling Roaring Willie