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The Long Patrol is the tenth published book in the Redwall saga by Brian Jacques. It takes place after Pearls of Lutra in terms of storyline, and serves as a direct sequel.

Book Divisions (English)[]

  • Book 1: The Runaway Recruit
  • Book 2: A Gathering of Warriors
  • Book 3: The Ridge


Tamello De Fformelo Tussock (Tammo), a young hare who lives at Camp Tussock, longs to be part of the Long Patrol at Salamandastron. His father, Cornspurrey, will not hear of it however. He believes that his son is too young to join up.

Against her husband's wishes, Tammo's mother Mem Divinia prepares for him to leave during the night with Russa Nodrey, a wandering squirrel who is a friend of the family. The two then set off to find the Long Patrol. Along the way, they encounter the ferrets Skulka and Gromal. They do eventually meet up with the Long Patrol, but Russa is killed while saving a baby badger. He is named Russano by one of the hares, Rockjaw Grang, in her honor.

Meanwhile, Gormad Tunn, the rat leader of the Rapscallion army, has been dying from mortal wounds. His two sons, Byral Fleetclaw and Damug Warfang, fight to the death to determine who will be the new commander of the Rapscallions. The new leader will take the vermin crusading on land or on sea, which will be determined by the tradition of flipping Gormad's sword. One side of the blade is wavy for water, and the other is straight for land. Damug kills Byral and takes control of the army, which moves inland.

At Redwall Abbey, the inhabitants discover that the south wall is mysteriously sinking into the ground. Foremole Diggum and crew believe it's best to knock the wall down and re-build it. During the night, a storm brings a tree down onto the wall, which makes the moles' job easier but also leaves the Abbey open to attack. The broken wall reveals a tower of the ancient castle Kotir beneath it. Abbess Tansy, Friar Butty, Shad, Diggum, and Craklyn investigate below. After a harrowing journey, they find the treasure of Verdauga Greeneyes, Kotir's long-dead lord.

The Long Patrol ventures to Redwall, hoping to inform the denizens about the threat posed by Damug. The spirit of Martin the Warrior appears to Tammo, instructing him to go in the company of the hare Midge Manycoats to Damug's camp. Disguised as a vermin seer, Midge directs Damug not to attack the vulnerable Abbey directly, but suggests an alternate place and time instead, buying the defenders precious time to prepare themselves and saving the young and elderly within the Abbey from death or injury.

After Rockjaw Grang is killed by Rapscallions, Salamandastron badger ruler Lady Cregga Rose Eyes experiences a dream, which directs her to the ridge where Midge has advised the battle to occur. She kills Damug, losing her eyesight in the process. The hares and Redwallers are eventually victorious, and Tammo marries the beautiful Pasque Valerian. Cregga chooses to stay at Redwall Abbey as badger mother, and as tutor for the young Russano. Later, the adult male Russano quests to Salamandastron accompanied by Long Patrol hares.

Characters in The Long Patrol


The Long Patrol was released on two different audiobooks.

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