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This page seeks to provide a walkthrough for players of The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout. Be forewarned, important plot points and game spoilers will be prevalent!

This walkthrough does not cover side quests, it exists to simply get players to the end of the game.

Note to players: In February 2021, The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act I was significantly overhauled and aspects of this part of the walkthrough may not apply at this time.

W,S,A,D : front, back, left, right
X/LM : Slingshot
I : Inventory
M : Map
Q : Active Scent

Act I: Lilygrove

The Scouts

-Cut Scene - Brother Jethro Barleyrow is introduced as narrator, revealing this story to William Barleyrow.


Cavernhole Cutscene (Opening) The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout

Introduction cut scene

The Scouts

  1. Walk forward
  2. Enter door
  3. Walk forward
  4. Aim slingshot up and fire, knocking over log
  5. Progress forward
  6. Climb ladder
  7. Pick the pink flag
  8. Walk back towards the wall with ivy, shimmy across root
  9. Walk forward, scramble up wall
  10. Enter the door in the back left corner
  11. Walk forward
  12. Learn chili pepper scent
  13. Walk back towards the bridge
  14. Select the candle with the green scent around it
  15. Walk forward
  16. Push the crate up against the wall with the root, and shimmy across it
  17. Use the door on the left, stay behind the crates, walk forward, and use the left door again to get by the rat obstacles.
  18. Observe all zoomed in areas through wayglass
  19. Gather soup ingredients. The garden is behind Rootsworth. Use the scent to detect and pluck 3 beets.
  20. Head to the tents. Use the wayglass to spot the cheese, and retrieve it.
  21. Head to the Obstacle course. Navigate the ropes, and look up for objects to hit with your slingshot to retrieve the vegetables.
  22. Speak to Rootsworth
  • You have just completed the level!

-Cut Scene - Sophia graduates from the Lilygrove Scout Corps, and Lilygrove is attacked by sea rats.


Graduation Cutscene The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout

The Pirates

  1. Stealthily evade the rats, using the surrounding shrubbery to hide
  2. Speak with Friar Thomas
  • You have just completed the level!

-Cut Scene - Sophia surveys the Lilygrove wreckage.


Catacombs Cutscene The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout

The Catacombs

Lilygrove Catacombs

  1. On the table below, grab Thomas Beechwhite's key off of the table.
  2. Stealthily walk around the catacombs. After exiting the first room, head right to help Dorabella Ivywain escape.
  3. Find Ichabod Cornsilk's key. He can also be found and rescued.
  4. Find Columbine's key.
  5. Locate Belladora Ivywain. She can also be found and rescued.
  6. Sneak past rat guarding exit door.
  • You have just completed the level!

-Cut Scene - Sophia comes across Liam, wounded, and they decide they must flee Scumsnout. Sophia will distract him.


Lilygrove Cutscene The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout

The Wearet

  1. Liam is to your immediate right. Speak with him.
  2. Walk through the catacombs until you discover what appears to be a sleeping creature.
  • You have just completed the level!

The Lighthouse

  • Note: The style of gameplay changes at this point.
  1. Sprint, and using the jump and directional keys, do exactly that. Scumsnout is angry and fast.
  2. Midway through this level, you'll jump onto a wooden cart. After it crashes, be ready to run in the opposite direction.
  3. When you see a ladder, race towards it, and climb up.
  4. Race up the top of the hill, until you reach the Lighthouse.
  • You have just completed the level!

-Cut Scene - Sophia successfully lights the Lighthouse lamp, however Scumsnout becomes blinded, and in his rage, tosses her out of the top.


Lighthouse Cutscene The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout

-End Credits-


The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout Credits

The End? Stay through the credits. Brother Jethro says he'll return to continue this story.

Act II: The Wraith


Act 2 - Prologue

  1. Climb up the wall with paw scratches.
  2. Continue following the path ahead.
  3. Aim slingshot up at targets to help Fraybie, Laban, and Robin.
  4. After helping Fraybie and Laban at the same time, head right to the docks.
  5. Reassure Liam by selecting dialogue that improves his expression.
  • You have just completed the level!

Old Moss Creek

Old Moss Creek

  1. Walk up the path.
  2. Push the crate up. Then push the crate right.
  3. Climb up the ledge, cross the log bridge.
  4. Push the crate out, then forward.
  5. Climb up the ledge.
  6. After talking with Pickerel, climb up the ladder.
  7. Slide down the rope, then walk forward.
  8. Climb up the ledge. Navigate the ice circle.
  9. Climb up the ladder. Slide down the rope.
  10. Stay in the bushes near the rats.
  11. When underneath the bridge climb up the vines to the right, and shimmy over the rats.
  12. Climb up the walls with pawmarks.
  13. Continue down towards mill.
  14. Push the crates underneath the right ledge of the mill.
  15. Climb up, stop mill. Cross mill wheel.
  16. Walk through hut, then right through log.
  17. Walk up to the cart, jump in flour barrel
  18. Walk through shrubbery, follow path
  19. Fire slingshot up at hinge
  20. Cross the bridge. Walk down path.
  21. Climb up ledge to the right before the river.
  22. Head left, and follow the path up to the rope.
  23. Slide down rope.
  24. Walk down ladder
  25. Walk to crates.
  26. Organize crates until the smallest one can fit underneath the tower
  27. After the rats have moved near the tower, fire slingshot at hinge near barrels
  28. Cross river, continue down path
  29. Setup camp.
  • You have just completed the level!

The Captain

The Captain

  1. Walk up ladder.
  2. Walk over log.
  3. Activate spyglass.
  4. Answer Captain Snow's queries, matching the right facial expressions.
  5. Aim spyglass at rats for Snow to attack.
  • You have just completed the level!



  1. Walk forward
  2. Pull the lever to the left
  3. Continue forward, towards the mine cart
  4. Push the mine cart, distracting the rats
  5. Squeeze through tunnel to the right
  6. Fire slingshot at bag above rats
  7. Collect key
  8. Open cage, rescue Brunach and Foxglove
  9. Open cage rear door
  10. Take the passage to the right
  11. Enter the room to the right, enter flour barrel
  12. Walk forward through light
  13. Turn around, pull lever
  14. Fire slingshot at bag above rats in room.
  15. Convince Glimber to leave the barrel using facial expressions
  16. Pull the levers, in order from farthest to nearest
  17. Fire slingshot at bag above rats
  18. Rescue Ichabod and Columbine
  19. Walk forward to mine cart
  20. Aim slingshot at lever across tracks, fire to ensure arrow is pointing LEFT
  21. Push cart
  22. Walk across log
  23. Enter tunnel
  24. Push cart
  25. Walk across log
  26. Enter tunnel
  27. Climb up wall
  28. Scramble up walls and navigate ledges
  29. Walk forward
  30. Traverse area above the ground, pulling levers
  31. After reaching the highest point, aim slingshot at levers, deactivating/reactivating them until the cutscene arrives
  • You have just completed the level!

The Pantry

The Pantry

  1. Walk to ropes, cranking handles
  2. Fire slingshot at rope above shelves to locate missing handle
  3. Operate lift
  4. Fire slingshot at hook, collapsing barrels
  5. Walk forward, left side of crate.
  6. Traverse rafters, collapsing barrels on rats where necessary
  7. Reel down large barrel
  8. Fire slingshot at hook
  9. Push barrel onto Cheesethief
  10. Exit ladder to roof
  • You have just completed the level!



  1. Walk forward to join your crew
  2. Walk towards ladder, climb up
  3. Flee Scumsnout, running and jumping over objects
  4. Join your companions
  • You have just completed the level!

Act III: The Abbey