The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II - The Wraith

The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II - The Wraith

Developer(s): Soma Games
Publisher: Soma Games
Released: April 30, 2021
Genre: Puzzle-Adventure
Platforms: Steam

The Scout Act 2 Official Trailer

The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II is the third entry in the The Lost Legends of Redwall video game series, and the second episode or Act of The Scout. It is a direct sequel to The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act I. The title of the act is "The Wraith."

Release History

The Scout Act II was originally scheduled for release in Summer 2020. It was delayed until on March 31, 2021, and officially released on April 30, 2021 for $9.99 on Steam.


The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II

Official Synopsis

In this second episode, fresh off your defeat of the murderous Scumsnout, you wake to hear the sounds of battle — and must make your way into the fray to find your lost (and injured!) beloved!


...tells the story of Liam and Sophia’s desperate escape from their home, which has been raided by pirate rats. They race together to the Winsome Wraith, where mysterious and dangerous stoats may offer the help they need…or may kill them where they stand.

Choose to play as either Liam or Sophia, the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, a group of woodland rangers tasked with the protection of the land and trained in the ancient ways of woodcraft. The environment is dangerous enough, but creatures like Scumsnout, Cheesethief, and Captain Snow each shadow your steps as well.

It will take all of your wit and guile to make it out alive!


Sophia Ryemaid, the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, survives a lengthy fall from the Lilygrove Lighthouse, and rouses to the clang and crash of battle. Navigating the town around her, she assists her fellow scouts in defeating Scumsnout's rats. With her betrothed, Liam Rivermouse, deeply wounded, Captain Robin Springhunter sends Sophia through Mossflower Woods to Winsome Wraith, the residence of his healer friend, Valo Scrimpaw.

Along the route, Liam and Sophia encounter numerous rats, as well as Lilygrove residents in need of rescue. Everyone finally gathers at Camp Silversands, where an escape from Cheesethief is made. As Sophia, Liam, Tussa Pawsnettle, and their new friend Glimber attempt to continue on their trek, Scumsnout reappears. Sophia distracts him, causing the wearet to fall into a pit.

The travelers arrive at Winsome Wraith, where Valo Scrimpaw greets them.

Game Information

Captain Snow meets Sophia and Tussa

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Characters in The Scout Act II




For the full development history, read The Scout Act II Development History

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