The Quarry was an area near Mossflower Woods where the sandstone for Redwall Abbey and probably Kotir was mined.

The quarry had a vast network of tunnels making it hard for anyone, besides the snakes living there, to navigate.

The quarry was dug atop an ancient adders' den, and the snakes expanded their territory to include the quarry itself until eventually Asmodeus resided here. The tunnels in the quarry were very smooth with the many generations of adders slithering through them for seasons. Matthias ventured into his stronghold to retrieve the great sword of Martin the Warrior. It was also the death place of Guosim.

During the time of Swartt Sixclaw, several adders slew Balefur at the quarry in his foolish quest for riches.

It is also the spawning place of Baliss the Slayer in the time of Korvus Skurr.

The quarry was once the hideout of the Ravagers under the command of Armuk Rinn the Conqueror, until the commanding sable was defeated and killed by Brang Forgefire and Feryn Kordyne of Salamandastron.


The Quarry appears in Outcast of Redwall, Doomwyte and Redwall and is mentioned in Mossflower, Mattimeo and The Sable Quean.