Year Published: 2005
Illustrator: Christopher Denise
Page Count: 104
ISBN: ISBN 0399237917
ISBN-13: ISBN 9780399237911

The Redwall Cookbook

The Redwall Cookbook was published as an accessory to the Redwall series. It is the only official resource for Redwall recipes, with two exceptions (see Trivia section).


This book features numerous recipes from the Redwall series one can cook by themselves. All the recipes are vegetarian, with the obvious exception of Shrimp 'n' Hotroot Soup.

It also features illustrations from Christopher Denise.

The plot follows Sister Pansy through one cycle of the seasons at Redwall Abbey, as she becomes the Head Cook.

Characters in The Redwall Cookbook


The following recipes appear in the book:

Spring Recipes

  • Hare's Pawspring Vegetable Soup
  • Crispy Cheese 'n' Onion Hogbake
  • Vegetable Casserole à La Foremole
  • Gourmet Garrison Grilled Leeks
  • Stuffed Springtide Mushrooms
  • Abbot's Special Abbey Trifle
  • Spiced Gatehouse Tea Bread
  • Honeybaked Apples
  • Hot Mint Tea

Summer Recipes

  • Hotroot Sunsalad
  • Brockhall Badger Carrot Cakes
  • Great Hall Gooseberry Fool
  • Cheerful Churchmouse Cherry Crisp
  • Rosey's Jolly Raspberry Jelly Rock Cakes
  • Afternoon Tea Scones with Strawberry Jam and Cream
  • Squirrelmum's Blackberry and Apple Cake
  • Guosim Shrew Shortbread
  • Summer Strawberry Fizz

Autumn Recipes

Winter Recipes

  • Shrimp 'n' Hotroot Soup
  • Veggible Molebake
  • Stones Inna Swamp
  • Savoury Squirrel Bakes
  • Outside 'n' Inside Cobbler Riddle
  • Rubbadeedubb Pudd
  • Nunnymolers
  • Applesnow
  • Mossflower Mulled Cider


  • In's Ask Brian, Volume 3, a reader asked if Brian Jacques "ever thought of publishing a Redwall cookbook?" The response was "I have thought about it and had many many requests like yours. But there are so many calls upon my time that this is not a priority at the moment. I would rather write another Redwall adventure!!" Approximately a decade later, this cookbook was finally published.

Release Details

  • 2005, US, Philomel Books, ISBN 0399237917, Pub. Date: September 2005, Paperback

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