"The Return of Clogg"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 21, 2002
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Glenn Norman
Directed by
Luc Bihan


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Official Synopsis

As Martin and his new friends languish in Marshank's Prison Pit, Rose and her companion Grumm hide from Tramun Clogg's advancing seaborne corsairs. Badrang and Clogg finally meet, pretending to be the other's friend, but they both soon skirmish and Clogg retreats, intending to take Marshank from his rival. As Badrang posts extra guards, the news reaches Martin. Rebellion is planned among the slaves-- but there is a traitor in their midst-- Druwp, a surly bankvole who plans to betray them to Badrang. Outside, Grumm conspires with Rose to tunnel to their rescue.

Druwp identifies the slave ringleaders. Meanwhile in the prison pit, Brome tells of his and Rose's home-- the idyllic region called Noonvale. If his father the chief can be alerted, he will surely rescue them. Grumm continues to dig hard to complete the tunnel. Under the cover of Clogg's battle against Badrang, Grumm breaks into the Prison Pit and Martin, Brome and Felldoh escape-- but have to leave the others behind. How will they ever get them out?

Differences from Martin the Warrior


Segments include:

  • "Laterose of Noonvale"
  • "Behind the Scenes at Nelvana: Animating Rose with Lisa Whittick"
  • "Composers Jack Procher and Daniel Fernandez: Writing a song for Rose"
  • "Pirate Songs"


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