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The Scouts

The Scouts is the first level of The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act I. It features basic player training and obstacles.


While preparing to present a play on The Lost Legends of Redwall, Redwall Abbey Recorder Brother Jethro Barleyrow attends to his ailing grandson, William Barleyrow, who has discovered an old Lilygrove Scout Corps Wayglass.

Jethro begins to regale the young mouse about where it originated.

Sophia Ryemaid and her betrothed, Liam Rivermouse, meet at a campfire outside of Lilygrove. Coyle Twiddlebin arrives, stating that the Lilygrove Scout Corps are ready for the next trainee. As Liam had already completed his training, Sophia advances onward, with Liam as her guide.

They make their way through a cave before arriving at Hilltop Camp. As part of her initiation, Sophia wanders around the camp, meeting her fellow Scouts and collecting soup ingredients for the chef, Rootsworth Rushstalk.

After the Scouts enjoy an incredible feast in formal celebration of Sophia's membership, the festivities are about to continue further as Liam prepares a graduation party for her. However, his plans are interrupted when sea rats arrive.

Captain Robin Springhunter instructs Sophia to head into town, and light an old Lighthouse ablaze to warn nearby villages of the vermin.


This level was significantly restructured from its first version in 2021. Originally, the player had to ascend cliffs up to Hilltop Camp. Once there, the player had to complete three separate training courses - Tussa's Obstacle Course (navigation using the Wayglass), Fraybie's Stealth Maze (hiding from fake rats), and Laban's Scent Caves (using the scent functionality). Completion of these courses earned the player badges, which were taken to Captain Robin.

The 2021 refresh eliminated these courses altogether, and added the training cave that features aspects of them, as well as a soup ingredient finding challenge.

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