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The Tale of Urso Brunov: Little Father of All Bears is the first in a pair of books detailing the adventures of Urso Brunov and his bear tribe, who are no bigger than a thumb and live in a far-away forested land, settled a million years ago.

In 2008, a sequel was published, Urso Brunov and the White Emperor.


Shortly into winter hibernation, Urso is awakened by a member of his tribe who alerts him that four other bears are missing, presumably to have followed their geese friends south for warmer weather.

Urso immediately went on a quest to find his tribe members. After many days of traveling, including the crossing of a frozen stream, Urso meets Caprix, the goat leader, who informs him that human hunters have taken the bears along with 3 of his kids. The Little Father then forces Caprix to transport him over the mountain where he lived.

When Urso reached lands without snow after further traveling, he met a group of boars who had one of their members captured by hunters as well. The boars took Urso to Deep River, which he crossed using a sailboat made out of a goose feather and a misplaced flute.

Beyond Deep River was the hot desert. While struggling through the heat, Urso met a camel whose daughter had also been kidnapped by the hunters. After giving Gobinag the camel his water supply, Gobinag assisted him in crossing the desert. The pair arrived at the hunters' hideaway, the Zoo.

Urso entered the Zoo, and found many other animals in cages. He proceeded to pick the locks and set them free; he then ordered the creatures to lock the sleeping guards in their former cages while he entered the nearby Palace, where his little bears were being kept.

Inside the Palace, Urso confronted the fat, mustached leader of the men, the Lord of All Sands. The Lord mocked Urso, however the Little Father entangled the man's thumbs in his lengthy mustache, incapacitating him. When he tried to call for his guards, Urso called upon the freed Zoo animals, who gave chase to the men and captured the Lord of All Sands.

Urso freed his bears and their geese friends, and had a large celebration in the Palace with the rest of the animals. All of the humans were locked in cages to learn a lesson in civility.

The creatures returned to their homes; Fabalis and the geese transported the bears back to their forest, where Spring had arrived.


  • The name "Urso" is derived from the Latin word for "bear".

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