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The Wildcat Scroll is a game or "episode" contained within the The Lost Legends of Redwall interactive fiction mobile app. The narrative was written by Ren Alex-Rose and Heather Rose Walters.


Official Synopsis[]

A clan of wildcats is making its way to Redwall, and the rumor is they’re threatening war if their demands aren't met. You, young mouse, must take on the role of Warrior, Healer, or Scholar to unravel the truth and save Redwall from certain demise!

A 3-act adventure where YOU will become a part of the story like never before! Choose to become a Warrior, a Healer, or a Scholar as you to set out to save Redwall Abbey from the threat of invading wildcats. Navigate logic puzzles, play narrative minigames, and truly dive into the Redwall experience.

Act I[]

Soon you'll be a fully-fledged member of Redwall Abbey, but first you must prove you're ready. However a strange scent lingers on the wind...

Act II[]

A mysterious crow claims a clan of wildcats are making their way to Redwall, and you're the only one who can set out on the quest to stop them.

Act III[]

With war with wildcats on the horizon, it will take everything you've learned to bring peace to Redwall before all is lost.


Act I[]

Ch. 1 Beyond the Walls[]

Young Redwallers Emory, a mouse, and Henny, a hedgehog, engage in a mock sword battle in Mossflower Woods ahead of the upcoming Nameday celebration. Afterwards, Emory returns to Redwall Abbey alone while Henny goes to pick berries.

Ch. 2 Like Matthias[]

As night falls, Emory encounters Sister Rhoderia and Sister Mary-Lo. He avoids punishment for following the Abbey rules, while Rhoderia retrieves Henny from the wilderness. He's banned from going outside the walls. They retreat to their dormitory. Emory offers to speak to Mary-Lo on Henny's behalf, and meet him in The Kitchen later.

Ch. 3 For a Friend[]

Emory meets Sister Mary-Lo in the The Library, however the sister refuses to change her mind and insists that her rules are meaningful. Emory and Henny bake pies with Sister Mabel in the Kitchen. Afterwards, they head towards the armory to practice their skills.

Ch. 4 The Last Night of Spring[]

Emory and Henny practice sword-fighting in the armory. Later, while stargazing outside the Abbey, Emory believes he spotted a mysterious figure, and noticed an unfamiliar smell.

Ch. 5 The Nameday Festival![]

Emory and Henny join the elders for a meal, where they solve various riddles. Sister Mary-Lo reveals an ancient scroll with a riddle that she's been having trouble solving, and the pair volunteer to help. They participate in the holiday festivities before leaving to prepare for Emory's sparring match.

Ch. 6 Prove Thyself[]

At Nameday, Emory spars with a young otter, Len. After defeating him, he looks for Henny in the crowd, but can't find him. On the Abbey walls, he's attacked by a crow.

Act II[]

Ch. 7 The Crow[]

The crow reveals himself to be a messenger - warning Redwallers that the Gingivera Clan of wildcats is in the area, but it's unknown as to what they want. Emory and Henny decide to sneak out of the Abbey to possibly establish a peace with the wildcats and to discover their intentions.

Ch. 8 Out of Redwall[]

Emory and Henny pack, and leave the Abbey. They decide to follow the river, where they encounter a family of rafting shrews. Upon joining them, the group is attacked by an osprey. Emory manages to fend off the bird, and they depart.

Ch. 9 Cats![]

After arriving near the Gingivera camp, Emory and Henny leave the shrews and walk right into the site. Seeking peace, they meet with Ela, the clan leader, who informs them that the cats are seeking the same scroll that's in Mary-Lo's possession. A duel ensues between Emory and a wildcat, and even though Emory wins, the cats capture the pair of Redwallers anyway as they decide upon their next moves.

Ch. 10 Into the Fire[]

Henny and Emory make their escape into Mossflower Woods.

Ch. 11 The Riddle of Inheritance[]

Emory and Henny make their way through Mossflower, with assistance from Skyfeather. They discover an underground cavern near the river, and enter, finding a river beneath the soil. The trio traverse the waterways, battling a rat in the process, until they come across a set of stairs. They ascend, emerging out of a fireplace in Cavern Hole.

Act III[]

Ch. 12 Pitfall[]

Emory, Henny, and Skyfather are greeted by Sister Mary-Lo, Sister Rhoderia, the Abbot, and other Redwallers. After revealing the Gingivera clan's claim to the scroll, the Abbot refuses to provide it to them, and welcomes whatever happens next. The Abbey dwellers prepare for a war, and Emory trains recruits with Len. Henny develops a plan to dig pits outside of the Abbey to trap the cats.

Ch. 13 Cat and Mouse[]

Emory and Henny are captured by members of the Gingivera Clan inside the Abbey armory. When several of them go to find the scroll, the pair are left behind with Eren, who reveals unlike his siblings, he wants a war so he can eventually be their leader. He murders Sister Mary-Lo, and the cats flee Abbey.

Ch. 14 The Storm[]

Crows led by the Gingivera Clan attack Redwall, and the gates are forced open. The wildcats enter and a melee ensues. Emory locates Alister, and attempts to convince him of Eren's true intentions.

Ch. 15 The Wildcat Prince[]

Eren and Emory engage in a duel, battling up to the rooftop of Redwall. Eren falls from the rooftop, while Emory seeks medical attention for his wounds.

Ch. 16 Summer of the Yellow Tulip[]

The Sparra, Gingivera Clan, and Redwallers memorialize their deceased fighters. Eren is revealed to be alive, but Alister has banished him from their tribe. After convincing from Emory and Henny, the Abbot agrees to give Alister the Scroll of Inheritance, and peace occurs. Alister decides to seek out Eren, and attempt reconciliation. Emory receives a sword from Sister Rhoderia, and the pair of friends consider their roles at Redwall Abbey.

Note: There are other alternatives to this ending. The Player can choose to convince the Abbot to keep the Scroll, or to withhold it conditionally, amongst others.

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