Tim Churchmouse

Tim Churchmouse from the Redwall TV Series

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: St. Ninian's
Gender: Male
Death: Unknown
Appears: Redwall, Mattimeo, The Redwall Cookbook
Mentioned: Loamhedge, Pearls of Lutra
Voice(s): Alex House (Mattimeo); Johnathan Wilson (Mattimeo, Martin the Warrior); Tim Lynsky (Mattimeo)
TV Series: Season 2 | Season 3

Tim Churchmouse was the son of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, the twin brother of Tess, brother-in-law of Mattimeo, and the uncle of Martin II. He was a Bellringer for Redwall Abbey.

Some time after the events of the Late Rose Summer Wars, he was kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel and his gang along with his sister, Mattimeo, Sam Squirrel, and Cynthia Bankvole. He was taken to Malkariss' kingdom to serve as a slave.

After being rescued and returned to Redwall by Matthias, Basil Stag Hare, Jess Squirrel, and their companions, Tim later became the Abbey Recorder after his father retired.

Redwall TV Series

In Season 1 of the Redwall TV Series, Tim Churchmouse and his sister Tess are completely absent, while in the book, the two mice were briefly mentioned in several chapters. In Season 2 he has a considerably smaller role than in the book, having no speaking lines until the final episode of the season. In Season 3, Tim narrates the story instead of Aubretia.

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