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Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: North Shores
Gender: Male
Weapon: Ballista, Short Sword
Appears: The Legend of Luke, Mossflower
Mentioned: Outcast of Redwall, Martin the Warrior

Timballisto was Martin the Warrior's friend and the grandfather of Barlom. He was called Timballisto because of his skills at designing, building and operating the ballista, a type of catapult. Timballisto demonstrated this feat while using a ballista to hurl stones at Kotir, completely demolishing the fortress. He was born on the North Shores in the tribe of Luke the Warrior, who left him in charge when he left in pursuit of Vilu Daskar. Timballisto loved Fripple and grieved when she was murdered.

The mouse was eventually enslaved on the Bloodwake, but rescued by Martin, Young Dinny, Gonff the Mousethief, and Log-a-Log Big Club. He helped defeat Tsarmina Greeneyes and her army, and lived the rest of his days with his friends until he died during the winter after the Kotir siege. He was known as either T.B., Timbal, or Tim to his friends.

Timballisto after being rescued from being enslaved on the Bloodwake.