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Tribes of Redwall: Badgers was published in 2001 as an accessory to the Redwall series. It was the first of the Tribes of Redwall companions.

Official Description[]

Do you know the hidden legacy of the noble badger race?

The Tribes of Redwall series take an exciting new look at the wealth of clans that make up the legendary life of Redwall.

In this first guide, discover the hidden world of the Badger Lords and the Badger Warrior spirit in a compelling booklet, where the laws, language, Bloodwrath, and secrets of Salamandastron are revealed.

A pullout color poster features all your favorite badger heroes, and you can test your knowledge of the greatest of the badger tribe - from Lord Brocktree to Lady Cregga Rose Eyes - with a baffling badger quiz!


This booklet about badgers features trivia questions, a giant poster, and profiles of many of the badger characters that are featured in the series up until Taggerung.

Badger Heroes[]

The badgers featured in the guide are: