Tribes of Redwall: Mice

Tribes of Redwall: Mice, U.S. cover

Year Published: 2003
Illustrator: Jonathan Walker
Page Count: 22
ISBN: 0099414147
ISBN-13: 9780099414148
Tribes of Redwall: Mice

Tribes of Redwall: Mice, back cover

Tribes of Redwall: Mice was published in 2003 as an accessory to the Redwall series.

Official Description

Is Martin the Warrior the most valiant beast of Redwall?

The Tribes of Redwall is a brilliant series which reveals the truth about the noble clans of Redwall.

Join the greatest tribe of all, the mice. Born warriors, mischief-makers, healers and schemers, the mice are beasts of legend - from Gonff and Rose to Mariel and the celebrated Martin himself.

Discover the mysteries of Martin's sword, the Joseph Bell and the mystical tapestry of the Great Hall. With a challenging quiz and pull out color poster, this guide contains the secrets of a mighty tribe which no true Redwall fan will want to be without.


This booklet about mice features trivia questions, a giant poster, and profiles of many of the mouse characters in the series, including Martin the Warrior.

Featured characters

Tribes of Redwall: Mice Poster

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