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Emperor Ublaz Mad Eyes


Species: Pine Marten
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Dagger, sabre, hypnotic stare
Death: Bitten by his coral snake after being blinded by Martin II
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Ublaz Mad Eyes was the male pine marten Emperor of the island Sampetra. He was strong, sleek, and handsome and had black, almond-shaped eyes and curled, perfumed whiskers. He had fine brown fur, a bushy tail, and a creamy yellow throat and ears. His weapons of choice were an ornate, silver-bladed dagger with blue sapphires on the handle, as well as his deadly hypnotic stare, which he used to paralyze and command other beasts. His hypnotic gaze allowed him to control the fearsome monitor lizards, as well as the deadly poisonous coral snake which he used to demonstrate his power to other beasts. He was also extremely intelligent and observant.

Long ago, Ublaz was a regular corsair who was well-known as a skilled swordsbeast. He happened by chance to come upon the isle of Sampetra, where he set himself up as Emperor and commanded an elite troop of monitor lizards, headed by his general Lask Frildur. He also had a regiment of trident rats, headed by Sagitar Sawfang. Together, they were his left and right paws on Sampetra, and he commanded all the corsairs who made their berth at the island. As no trees grew on Sampetra, the Emperor held a massive stockpile of wood behind his palace to ration out to trusted corsair captains when they would bring him tribute.


Ublaz was an extraordinarily wealthy beast, and had an extensive collection of treasure, as well as an expansive wardrobe of silk robes and turbans. He also had an ornate crown but would not wear it until he had six beautiful pearls, the Tears of all Oceans, to set into its six prongs. He commanded the corsair captain Conva to bring him back the pearls, but when Conva failed he murdered the unfortunate stoat and sent out his Monitor General Lask, along with the ferret captain Romsca and her crew, to fetch them.

With his elite guards away, Ublaz found his palace under attack by rebellious corsairs, led by the stoat captain Barranca and later by the fox captain Rasconza. The fox and pine marten were locked in a battle of wits and Ublaz was many times outfoxed, which enraged him. After his captains were killed and Abbot Durral arrived alone on the island, Ublaz imprisoned him and later engaged in combat with Martin II, who was not far behind. During the duel, in which both traded heavy blows, the Emperor stepped on his coral snake. The lethal serpent bit him, and the Emperor died in the depths of his palace having never obtained the pearls.


To date, Ublaz is the only pine marten to be a villain leader, and only one of three ever to appear in Redwall books.