Urran Voh

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Noonvale
Gender: Male
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
TV Series: Season 3

Urran Voh was the husband of Aryah Voh, the father of Rose and Brome, and ancestor to Aubretia. He was the patriarch of Noonvale. Urran was as much a creature dedicated to peace, as Martin the Warrior was a warrior. Having successfully guarded his tribe safe from unwanted strangers and intruders, Urran had difficulty accepting Martin's philosophy that war was sometimes necessary to preserve peace, a philosophy his son Brome shared.

Urran was very stern with his daughter Rose and, at first, strongly disapproved of her affection for Martin. He implored her to stay at Noonvale instead of returning to Fort Marshank to fight Badrang the Tyrant, whom he merely saw as a remote menace. However, faced with his daughter's determination and Martin's dedication to the creatures of Noonvale, Urran began to accept Martin and he reluctantly agreed to let Martin raise an army of volunteers against Badrang. In the end, Urran's fears and misgivings against war were fulfilled when his daughter died during the Battle of Marshank.

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