Urthstripe the Strong

Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Southwest Lands
Known Predecessor:Rawnblade Widestripe
Known Successor:Urthwyte the Mighty
Weapon:Spear, Sword, Bow and Arrows
Death:Repeatedly stabbed by Ferahgo the Assassin, but killed him in the process
Mentioned: Marlfox

Urthstripe the Strong was a powerful male Badger Lord of Salamandastron. He was the grandson of Loambudd and Urthclaw, son of Urthound and Urthrun, twin brother of Urthwyte, and the adoptive father of Mara. His primary weapon was a large spear with a leaf-shaped blade and a twin barbed crosstree.

Urthstripe was born to Urthound and Urthrun in the autumn in the Southwest Lands. When he was naught but a season old, he and his brother were orphaned because of Ferahgo the Assassin, who betrayed and murdered their parents after offering to talk reasonably with them. Ferahgo left the infant badgers to die in the oncoming winter.

Urthstripe managed to somehow survive the winter and went on to become Lord of Salamandastron, not knowing what ended up happening to his brother or even of his existence. As Ruler of the mountain, Urthstripe was deadly in battle and badly afflicted with the Bloodwrath. After finding a young female badger named Mara abandoned near the coast, he took her in and cared for her. Mara then became Urthstripe's adopted daughter.

Despite his strength, Urthstripe was easily distracted from his duties by his love for Mara, and his friendship with the pugnacious hare Sergeant Sapwood. It took a real crisis - the infiltration of his mountain by Ferahgo's mercenary, Farran the Poisoner, to bring out the strength in him.

Over the seasons, Ferahgo's horde attacked the mountain and Urthstripe found himself bound up in war with the murderer of his family in a curious twist of fate. Mara had earlier ran away from the mountain, disliking her guardian's heavy-pawed rules, only to discover his long-lost brother on an island far away. In the final battle, Urthstripe was mortally wounded, but succeeded in taking Ferahgo's life along with his own by jumping off the side of Salamandastron. Mara realized that Urthstripe was the best guardian he could've been and added "Father" to his title.

He was then buried along with Old Lord Brocktree, and his possessions were added to the badger treasury.

His armor was then repaired and worn by his brother.

Urthwyte succeeded his brother as Lord of Salamandastron and ruled there for many seasons.

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