Urthwyte the Mighty

Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Southwest Lands
Known Predecessor:Urthstripe the Strong
Known Successor:Orlando the Axe
Weapon:Oak Club
Mentioned: The Long Patrol, Marlfox, High Rhulain

Urthwyte the Mighty, was a male Badger Ruler of Salamandastron and the successor of his late twin brother Urthstripe. He was also the grandson of Loambudd and Urthclaw, and the son of Urthound and Urthrun. Urthwyte was an albino badger, covered in snowy-white fur and missing the characteristic black stripes. His primary weapon was a large oaken war club. Like his brother, he was born in the autumn in the Southwest Lands and went on to be orphaned by the weasel Ferahgo the Assassin, who murdered his parents after promising to speak reasonably with them.

Ferahgo left the twin badger infants to die, as winter was approaching, but the hardy little beasts managed to survive. They were separated by unknown circumstances, and Urthwyte grew up with his grandmother Loambudd and her squirrel friend Ashnin on the island in the center of the Great Inland Lake. There he was thought to be a ghost, which he realized and used to his advantage to scare off intruders to the island. He was completely unaware of the existence of his brother when they were separated. When the young badger Mara found him many seasons later while searching for the Blackstone along with the Guosssom , he traveled with her back to Salamandastron to help his brother in the final battle against Ferahgo and his horde. When Urthstripe died, taking Ferahgo with him, Urthwyte succeeded him as Lord of Salamandastron and wore the medallion his father owned and Ferahgo stole.

Urthwyte was known to be a bit slow and simple-minded, but extremely kind and gentle - when, of course, not affected by the Bloodwrath.

After the death of his brother; Urthstripe the Strong, he repaired Urthstripe's damaged battle armor and used it himself.

He was friends with High Queen Rhulain Wildlough and was known for his ability to manufacture armor and shields. Even after he heard the news of Rhulain's death, he continued to work on the armor he was making for her. The armor was later worn by the new Otter High Queen, Tiria Wildlough, a descendant of Rhulain.