Alright, this is my fanfic called 'The Urleaha' and that's 'YUR- lee- uh' btw. Mainly, its about Mara and her past to the present. Enjoy! O, and I could use some tips if you have time. :D


"There is a legend, children that has been passed down for centuries. It is told by elders to leaders, leaders to followes, brothers to sisters, and mothers to children. Everybeast knows the tale, and it is told a bit different every time. Are you all ready?" The old, blind female otter looked at each of the children's faces. Their eyes were wide in wonder and filled with excitement. Each of them nodded ,and soon the small cave was filled with silence as everybeast held their breath and waited. As the otter spoke, her voice became deeper and more powerful as if another otter was speaking through her lips. Her voice echoed off the cave walls, and rose to great volume. "During the seven days of death, where all of the elements stormed across our land and destroyed the world as we knew it a great monster had risen. It arose from the fire of the first day, the ice of the second day, the earth of the third day, the winds of the fourth day, the beasts of the fifth day, the waters of the sixth day, and the blood on the seventh day. The monster prayed on the survivors, killing all but seven. These seven grew stronger, and multiplied into hundreds. They split into tribes that are still excisting today. Years later, there was a fierce battle between the monster and the seven tribes. It was going nowhere and death spread across the land. The original seven hero's were dying. But as each took their last breath, a piece of their spirit was imprisoned inside of a stone amulet. The army retreated and the monster vanished. No one knows what happened to the amulets, the monster, and the direct descendants but there are stories that say the seven's armies died off. There are seven living descendants and seven stone amulets of life that are hidden in each tribe and destined to kill the monster for good. Those children are coming exactly a thousand years later, and when the time is right they will be revealed to the people of this land along with the hiding places of the amulets. Many have searched for the amulets, but all have all failed. And the thousanth year is coming very soon. So we must be ready."

A/N: Did you like it? I'm sorry if it's short but this is just the prologue. I'll update if you guys like it- if not I can make something new. Thanks for reading! -AhuntressNamedMara

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