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This Fan Fiction is dedicated to my best friends on Redwall Wiki: Shieldmaiden, Blizzard, Lady Amber, and Martin. It's gonna show how much they helped me when I was new here and how they are my best friends.

Lady Amber as Mariana
Martin as Luke
Shieldmaiden as Shayna
Blizzard as Benji
Me as Selan

Book 1: Warriors Apart[]

Chapter 1[]

A young squirrel hopped from tree to tree in Mossflower Woods. She had a blue cloth over head and a small blue dress. Below her, a otter was running as fast as a Taggerung. She had green cloth over her head and a small green dress.
"Can't beat me Mariana!"she called. Hearing the otter, Mariana the squirrel had gotten faster. As she jump to another tree branch, it gave way and she fell down.
BUMP! Mariana landed on the otter."Oops! Sorry Shayna!"
"Ha, say sorry to me head! I'd think ya broke me skull!"Shayna wobbled back and forth. Finally crashing down in a stream."Ohhhh, me head! Thanks to ya Mariana for givin' me brain damage!"
"I said I was-"she stopped as a rain drop plopped on her head."Ah, we need to get back to Redwall."The two ran as the rain got harder. Running to their home, Redwall Abbey.