the little mouse was wearing a long cream colored cloak with sleaves that were way to long and a very long bright red scarf rapped around his neck. the young hare watched intently as the little mouse hopped around in the mud.then suddenly he jumped up and hollered "MY SCARF! THE LITTLE MAGGOT'S GOT MY BEST SCARF!" allan and maylee emidiately jumped at him and held the struggling hare down "i say release me you two let me at the little blighter! OWOHOH me poor old scarf. you know me old gramma made that for me!" the badger mother was at him in an instant"what's going on here!what's all this hollerin' about!" she demanded. '" i say the little maggot's got my best scarf!" he replied irritably. "oh that's all?. here i'll wash it myself and makesure it's as good as control your timper!". "oh and if you hadn't noticed isn't that YOUR bally cloak he's bally draggin in the bally mud?". the badger motheer nearly exploded"MY CLOAK!!!!!!!!GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE VILLIAN!!! you'll get 20 loooooooooong baths with lots 'n' lots of soap for this!!! my poor old cloak..."

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