The first watch

“Once, long before any of even the oldest sentinels were hatched there lived a great hawk who went by the name of “The Watcher”. The Watcher noticed how birds died every day from murderous unseen spirits that take the forms of ghostlike ravens. The Watcher decided to form a guard, a group of birds that could watch over the other, more defenceless birds, keeping out dangers and keeping all creatures safe. Eventually the Watcher passed on to the other side and his spirit went to the eagle in the sky to be a star in the ever growing universe. But still the guard prospered and all creatures did too. Generations passed and slowly the guard were now referred to as the Sentinels. That my boy is how the Sentinels order came to be.” Marien stroked her sons downy head feathers “Now go to sleep Arren, you have much to do and much to learn in the coming days. You will need your rest.” Arren smiled and closed his eyes tucking his head under his wing he drifted off to sleep. The elder sighed and looked around at their small nest in the top branch of the old oak tree “Much to learn.. much to learn.”

Arren had been in sentinels training for three years. Now, he was graduating. Today he was becoming a full fledged sentinel. Arren held his head up proudly, puffing out his chest feathers as Sir Barend tied a small black neck scarf around the young cooper hawks neck. “I wish you luck, Malcolm will be your flight partner.” Sir Barrend said in a gruff voice. Arren coughed awkwardly as he didn’t much like talking to other birds “Okay sir…” The young hawk awkwardly saluted the large gyrfalcon and turned away to find his flight partner Malcolm. A little later a small kestrel waved his wing at Arren “Hello, are you Arren?” Arren nodded “Are you Malcolm?” The kestrel nodded happily “Yes, thats me. Im a kestrel from the eastern territory. My aunt was a sentinel and she presented the idea of me becoming a sentinel to my parents. Mother immediately loved the idea my dad… well, he wasn’t very involved in any of our lives. He spent more time at the tavern, gambling and drinking… Anyways have you heard of…” Arren smiled to himself, he was glad to have a flight partner like Malcolm. The young hawk could see his kestrel partner was very talkative so on their patrols he wouldn’t need to do any of his least favorite thing, talking.

Over the year Malcolm and Arren had become best friends and were almost inseparable. And finally, after months of begging their flight instructor, the two were finally deployed for a REAL mission! The pair were perched in a tree, snuggled in their cloaks. Malcolm was as talkative as ever, even several hours after the sun had gone down. Arren yawned slightly and smiled at his flight partner “Its soooo late Mal, keep it doooown. I wanna sleepppp.” Malcolm giggled slightly “I didn’t know you could talk Arren.” the two laughed together and Arren made a thoughtful face “Well… to be honest I’m not one to talk.” Malcolm chuckled “You think no one notices that?” Arren put his head under his wing “Well… truth is. I’ve always felt a little off. When people call me Arren or He or Him. I don’t know… it just feels so… like their referring to someone else. I hate that everyone gets to decide im a boy. I don’t feel like one.” Malcolm had a shocked expression on his face “ So your saying you don’t feel like a boy? Like your a girl?” Arren nodded and then burst in to tears “Its so weird… everyone will hate me if I told them. You probably hate me.” Malcolm put his wing around his friends shoulder “Why would I hate you? Thats amazing you had the courage say that. No matter what I will always love you, in a friend way.” Arren lifted her head “Really? Oh im so glad…” she laid her head on Malcolms shoulder “and… uhm, would you mind not calling me Arren anymore? I would prefer Ren.” Malcolm smiled and closed his eyes “Of course. Goodnight Ren.” Ren smiled “you have no idea how amazing it feels to hear someone call me that.”. the young pair drifted off to sleep still smiling. Then came the rain, lightning, thunder, and everything was water.

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