The confrontations between ghosts

Sylvan liked what she saw. The cruel raven’s piercing black eyes came to rest on a particularly small and scrawny red hawk struggling to fly in the storm that was pounding the land, sending torrents of rain down on the extensive expanse of pine trees. Sylvan watched the little hawk struggle from her perch on a stick underneath a well built canopy of tree bark and moss. Finally the raven tired of watching the young birds anguish and sent two large ravens to bring her the hawk “Get her, yes that one. The hawk.”. As the two large birds flew to get the hawk Sylvan turned around and stalked towards a table laden with a large baked trout with little garnishes of parsley and a sprinkling of lemon juice. The raven sunk her beak in to it and took a large bite. As she gulped down the last few bits the two ravens were back. And held between them was the hawk from before. Her orange eyes were sharp and wide. Sylvan smiled at the two ravens “ Elland! Megan! Let our guest go! That is no way to be a welcoming host!” The pair let go of the hawk instantly and bowed, almost tripping over their tail feathers. “Forgive them, they’re not very experienced when it comes to hosting guests. I am Sylvan, what is your name?” the young hawk hesitated before speaking “I am Onyx ma’am, now can you please tell me why your… uh, friends grabbed me out of nowhere and brought me here?” Sylvan smiled “Of course my dear, but first, would you care for a drink of tea? Or perhaps some strawberries?”. Onyx was taken aback by her “hosts” sudden kindness “i think ill pass, thank you anyways.” Thats when the world went dark.

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