PROULOUGE Far in the northlands and across the seas a cloaked beast sat on his thrown pondering a problem. Even though the mysterious slayer injoyed his fortress on the ice caps food was scarce and the great sickness was spreading. It was time... time to seek out a new fortress one he could easilly councour.

chapter one

The wild sea stormed and roared like a badger overcome by bloodrath. Waves ripped and cut across the deck of the well feared boat Shadow Storm while crew beasts young and old ran across the deck in total chaos .Amiss all the confusion aboard the deck only one beast remained calm, and that was blood fang the cruel .Bloodfang was a tall, skinny, gray fox who wore a dull black cloak and carried a series of shurikens that he used as his only manor of defense. These small star shaped blades were made out of the best meddle and they were highly capable of slaying any beast with a single throw. "Batten down the hatches and secure the deck!” Were the only orders that were heard over the storm before the lookout ,a small ferret named slime tooth shouted the two words that were the most comforting to the whole crew. "Land hoe”. A rowdy cheer went up from the crew as the captain burst out of his cabin to have a look for himself. “Move out of my way you fool”. Bloodfang said as he pushed the lookout from his post and sent him plummeting into the sea. Sure enough when blood fang put his eye to the glass he did see land and that land was without a dought mossflower woods.

chapter two

the crimson sun rose in a beautifull ark in a place known as salamandastron

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