The True (as far as you know) Story of how Verdauga Greeneyes really died! I hope you like it!


It was a cold, bleak, sunless day in Kotir, the ageless fortress of red sandstone. All the army of the powerful Verdauga Greeneyes was sleeping as usual (very lazy army, naughty they are). All was silent in Kotir except in the room of Tsarmina Greeneyes, the Iron fisted daughter of Lord Verdauga. Tsarmina for years had wanted to rule Kotir. She showed no love towards her father and coveted his position as ruler of mossflower and she had just had enough. When she found out that Verdauga was going to leave the kingdom to her brother when he died she was oh, so mad. Her brother was none other than the kind hearted Gingivere Greeneyes who loved their father dearly.Tsarmina boiled with rage how her father could leave the kingdom to her brother! Why he would do something stupid with it like lower taxes, give money to the poor and become a good king not an evil one! It would be a crime against selfishness! The very reputation of Snobby wildcat rulers would be ruined! She had to do something about this horrible problem but there was only one thing to do about this “Kill Verdauga and blame Gingivere for it!” It was the greatest stupid idea ever concocted! Tsarmina marveled at this idea of hers. “It’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!” she thought to her self and she new just the perfect person to help her do this task…Fortunata! The double dealing, back stabbing vixen fox.Tsarmina had everything planned and sent some of her father’s rats to go and fetch Fortunata. Her plan seemed so intelligent, so smart, every thing would work perfectly she thought to herself and then decided to take a cat nap on her fluffy sparrow feather bed and pillows. Everything would go as planned she thought.

Chapter One:How to kill a wildcat?

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