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Biggren Biggren 9 June 2015

Tales of the Juska: Vulpuz and the Devil

"Have I ever told you the tale of how a Son of Renert defeated Death itself?"
The Juska were huddled together, some in blankets, around a crackling fire. On the other side of it sat the Seer. Silence reigned, and taking this as a cue, the vixen continued.
"Long ago, when beasts died, they passed on into the realm of the Devil, called Hellgates. He was a harsh creature, and tormented those who entered his lands, cursing them to walk through the black ashen plains forever. Heed closely." The young Juska were gathered around, listening to the vixen Maltra as she told her tale. It was a cool evening, and they stared into the flames as the Seer spoke.
"Aye, that was the law of Death; but one day, everything changed!" she spread her paws wide and t…

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Biggren Biggren 4 July 2012

Londria of Redwall

Along the southern coast, no creature or beast could stand against her. The slave-ship thundered through the oceans, leaving destruction and mayhem in her wake. Great waves pounded her sides until she was fit to burst asunder, her crew hung to whatever they could grasp. Below deck, the slaves rowed with all their might, drowning in seawater and filth, while the whip-masters beat and lashed until their whips tore apart. Plunder ached out of the sides of the great ship, and her sails strung taut.

Captain Bluddo Feareyes was in a bad mood, as usual. Every now and then, an unruly slave was brought before him. At that moment, Muggil the rat entered with a rough-looking mongoose.
"Wot is it this time, Muggil?" asked Bluddo, sounding almost bored.…
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Biggren Biggren 27 October 2012

Sampetra's Blurrag

  • 1 Halt! (Read Pearls of Lutra before proceeding! The events in the following story occur after the before-mentioned book.)
    • 1.1 Book 1: The Rise of a Ruler
    • 1.2 Prologue
    • 1.3 Chapter 1
    • 1.4 Chapter 2

Two seasons had passed on Sampetra since the death of its tyrannical pine marten ruler, Ublaz Mad Eyes. The Trident-rats, after finding out that their leader, Sagitar Sawfang, had perished in the paws of Rasconza the fox, broke away once more from the Wave Brethren and, allying themselves with the score of remaining Monitor lizards, took the palace once belonging to Mad Eyes for their own. The Wave Brethren had hence been attacking the palace, but Sarrog Triblade, Chief Trident-rat after Sagitar's death, had taken over, ruling with an iron paw the small cluster…

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Biggren Biggren 20 October 2010

Winter of the Icy Winds

Certainly today is a day to remember; the last day of the Autumn of the Flying Boulder. I am writing today about a strange event that has taken the mind of every Redwaller to figure out, and we are still racking our brains for clues on this. Yesterday we found a cold, sickly-looking creature at our gate, and we took him in. He could not speak, we found, so he had to write down his secret. What he wrote says it involves the whole of Mossflower, yet he still won't tell us what 'it' is! What he wrote down seems to be a riddle, though I must confess that all I can make of it is jumbles and scrawls of charcoal. Nevermind, I wasn't ever one for solving riddles and puzzles, anyways. Well, I guess I've got Foremole and his moles at work on it, the…

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