Gormad Tunn threw the blade. It landed wavy side in the ground, meaning the Rapscallions were going to the ocean. Gormad looked at his advisor, Lugworm, and smiled. The great army was going to sea!

 Twenty seasons later:

Thunderstripe, the great badger lord, was in his forge, making himself weapons. The Rapscallions had become overactive and were a serious threat to Mossflower Woods and Redwall Abbey. He must do something to stop those vermin! Cornspurrey, a young leveret, was mock fighting with his best friend, Private Stormbottle. He parried and slashed as his adversary did the same. They were next to the ocean, along with two hundred others and Sergeant Thomas Sinistra. Then, suddenly, a scream was heard from the coastline, followed by another one. The hares turned to see a great fleet of ships sailing straight at them, each ship full to the brim with vermin.

Abbess Tansy smiled and jogged after a little Dibbun, who was trying to eat food without permission and get away with it. The young one was a hare, and he was a mischievous baby who was always getting into trouble. He turned around and looked at Tansy, then ran straight into Arven, the Abbey warrior. “Whoa, what have we here? Have you been filching from the kitchens again, young one?”

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