This is a sneak peek of my sequil to The Story Of Bluestripe The Wild. It is called The Power of the Modnar. this sneak peek will show the formation of Richard, and some of the things that he affected in the other Redwall books. I hope you enjoy.

Formation Sneak Peek

As the energy surrounded Bluestripe the wild, something strange happened. His shadow, which until that moment was normal, was changing. It seemed to leave him. That patch of darkness, that was previously part of Bluestripe, had slithered accross the room. It then grew. it grew into a shadowed form of a badger, with glowing yellow eyes. Then it dissolved into the Air.

Lord Brocktree encounter

it was late at night. Groddil the fox, Ungatt Trunns Aid, was walking up the beach, north of Salamandastron. He reflected on what he had done. did he do the right thing, pushing his master into the ocean? And his plans to gather his own army to try and capture Salamandastron, were they the Right path, too? As in response to these thoughts, A voice from dirrectly behind him spoke. "You wonder if it was the right thing to do, eh, fox? Those who betray their Supperiors are not fit to lead. For that reason, you do not need to lead. or live, for that matter. for those who are traitors are worse than Scum."  Groddil Wheeled arround. the last thing he saw was the tall, cloaked, and hooded badger, with glowing yellow eyes. then flames Enveloped the stunted fox. The badger brushed off his cloak and smirked. nothing was to interfear with the Fates of the mountain.

Triss Encounter

Drufo, the old squirrel that was the friend of the Squirrelmaid, Triss, watched as the guards of Riftgard throw her into the cage with her friends, Shogg and Welfo. he wished that he could do something to help them. he felt useless, walking down one of the halls in Riftgard. he was alone, for the moment. as he went back to scrubbing the floor, a long shadow fell over him. he looked up into the glowing eyes of the cloaked, masked, hooded badger. he spoke to the ancient squirrel. "You wish to help your friend, Eh? I can help you." he tossed an old, rusted, file with a piece of cloth in place of the handle. Drufo bent and picked it up. when he looked up, the badger was gone. he knew what to do now. he ran to the cavern where the cage was kept.

Hope you enjoyed that :D

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