This is a Fan Fiction Story by Breanna Waterwind.

Chapter 1

In the Western Sea was a huge rock. But Holt Rudderwake was inside. The Holt of otters were kind and humble.
"Breanna! Can you come here?"asked the sea otter Storeen Wavedog to his daughter Breanna.
"Yes,Father?"she said nicely.
"Well,as you know you're at the age of getting marri-"Breanna quickly got the message.
"No father I do not want to marry Stelen yet!"she said.
"But why not?"Storeen asked her with a tone.
"I want to do something with my life before I settle down. Also I want t-"Breanna said.
"Find Kroova? You are getting married tomorrow night!"Storeen sad as he walked away.
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