Book 1-Of Daggers and Dirks

Chapter 1-Ruins

The land was barren and desolate. A few crows, feasting on the remaining bodies, flew away after every last bone was pecked clean. Now ultimate silence reigned...Until the last survivor quietly pushes away the hay-cart he was hiding under, the thing that saved his life. The survivor was a squirrel, not much older than 14 seasons. Amazingly, he wasn't a bit harmed, after all he had been through. He, his family, and a small community had lived in this land, which was once as beautiful and calm to them as the sea was to a Searat. But unfortunately, it was no more.A barbarian horde of foxes, rats, weasels, and other vermin attacked, thirsting for blood and plunder... Raid after raid, battle after battle, night after night. Soon, the settlement and the surrounding lands was no more, and the only survivor was a teenage squirrel

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