Redwall Crossword
Ok guys I was bored one day and I got bored so I decided to make a Redwall Crossword. If you want to do it please copy the image and do not post answers here unless you need help with something. Right-click on the image and click save. Then open it in a Word Document and print to do it yourself. Enjoy. : D

Note: I will hide any answer comments.


1 Lord Warden of Castle Floret.

4 Lord Brocktree's weapon.

6 Finder of the Walking Stone.

8 Mountain fortress.

9 First abbey warrior.

10 Badger Lord after Brocktree.

11 Rat leader with long tail.

13 Water monster in High Rhulain.

16 Fort of Badrang the Tyrant.

17 Last ruler of Kotir.

18 Silent squirrel in “Redwall.”

20 Sunflash the Mace’s sworn enemy.

21 Only water monster to have held Martin’s Sword.

24 Martin’s Father.

27 Saber master in “The Outcast of Redwall.”

28 Matthias’s son.

29 Squirrel wanderer in “The Long Patrol.”

30 Slave who saved Matthias’s life.

32 Eight letter word for a mouse’s mortal enemy.

35 Gullwhacker.

36 Abbey Warrior almost killed by Martin’s sword.

37 Prince of Mousetheives.


2 Killer of Damug Warfang.

3 Only known good vermin.

4 First badger mother of Redwall.

5 Weapon of Gorath the Flame.

7 Rakkety Tamm MacBurl’s best friend.

12 Boar the Fighter’s grandson.

14 Best Archer in Juskarath.

15 Father of Ungatt Trunn.

16 Badger mother in “The Bellmaker.”

19 Founder of the Long Patrol.

22 Chickenhound.

23 First known ruler of Bat Mountpit.

25 First Abbess of Redwall.

26 Abbey in Mossflower.

29 Martin's sword.

31 Marlfox High King.

33 Blind herbalist mouse.

34 First Long Patrol General.