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This story is a complete original story written by me. This is my first fan-fic story, but not my first story. I love writing, but if you have an idea of how to improve something, please tell me. I want total honesty in your comments, and most of all, I hope you enjoy the story!


Imagine a place where you wake up every morning to the smells of wonderful things coming out of the kitchen, the happy song of meadowlarks, and the ringing of beautiful bells. Now imagine the name of this place:Redwall Abbey. On one such morning, Abbess Gloria woke to sunlight streaming through her window, and two little Dibbuns jumping on her bed. "Wake up Abbess Glori, 'tis time for breakfast!"

A small hedgehog babe named Rosie giggled at her friend Quinn the Vole.

"Oh yes, guite, it is time to get up isn't it? Well how about you two go downstairs, and I'll join you once I get there."

"Yes mofer Abbess." The prickly Rosie replied, and they were soon racing each other down the dormitory steps.

This morning, the Ferret mother of Redwall Abbey stayed later in bed than usual. She was trying to remember something, but seeing that she couldn't, she simpy proceeded down the dormitory steps. The sounds, sights, and smells of another wonderful day in Mossflower rang through the ears of the happy Abbey dwellers proceeding to breakfast. "Could someone pass a chap some of those straberries! Jolly good thing to start the morning with wot wot!"

"Yes, of course, how silly of me to want to starve a hare. Especially you Collin." As we all know, it would be very difficult to starve a hare, espically when there is food about, and espically when it's Redwall Abbey food.

"Ah, 'otroot soup for breakfast, that's the way it should be every morning eh mates!"

"No, I really don't think you should have hotroot soup every moring considering it was you against me, Skipper. An otter against a squirrel in a swimming contest, Ha! Why I ever aggreed to such a thing I'll never know. However, I still don't know how you managed to climb a tree faster than a squirrel. I think you cheated somehow. But, you still won, so who am I to argue?"

Many cheerful conversations were going on when they all heard a knock at the gate.

"Let me see who it is. You can all contine eating." Abbess Gloria was at the gate when she saw who it was. An unidentifiable creature, hodded in a simple cloak said to the Abbess, "Well, are you going to let me in? I know you received my message." The Abbess let the creature in. It had obviously had a very long journey.

The creature came inside, and started eating breakfast without anothor word. Everone was silent. Many glances went from the Abbey Dwellers, to the Abbess, and many from the Abbey Dwellers to the un-known figure, and back to the Abbess. The very odd silence was broken by Abbes Gloria saying, "Well, breakfast is over, let's not stand about gawking. I'm sure it would be good for us to get on with our chores now." They did get on, but not after a flood of questions to the Abbess, and still many more glances being exchanged.

Note to the reader: I know that you're going to be thinking, "a ferret Abbess!!!!????" YES A FERRET ABBESS. This will make sense later, just don't freak. After all, you can't catagorize an individual creature by its species.


"I would like to call all members of the Redwall Abbey Council to a meeting in Cavern Hole."

Creatures filed in at the Abbess' request. The Redwall Abbey Council was created by Abbot Joshua a few seasons ago to discuss what the Abbey should do in times of war, in times of peace, in times of want, and in times of plenty. In short, they would meet every season, or when need be. The Council had eight members: resident hares Collin and Windscutt, young Sister Beth squirrel, young Sister Adilaide fieldmouse, Badger Mother Sharon, visiting otter Skipper, resident otter Chance, and of course, Abbess Gloria.

"I know that you are all wondering what that creature was, who that creature was, and why I let it in. But before I explain that, I want to tell all of you that anything I, or anyone else says, is not to leave this room. Now, as to what that creature was, it was a ferret. As to who that creature was, he is my brother..."

"Your brother!" Chance cut the Abbess short.

"Why don't we just listen to what she has to say."

"Thank you Mother Sharon. Yes, he is my brother, Satin [sah-ton]. A few seaons ago, when Satin was still living here, he tried to steal the Sword of Martin the Warrior. He was caught in the act, and outcast. He is only one of two outcasts in Redwall's history, but I do not feel the need to metion the other one, as I am sure you all know. After Satin was outcast, the late Abbot Joshua hid Martin's sword with a series of clues. He told me that if ever Satin should come back, to follow the clues and find the sword... in case we need to use it. Last night I was visited by the Spirit of Martin the Warrior. He told me that Satin was coming back... to steal the sword..." A hand shot up like an arrow.

"I will anwser all questions at the end Beth..." But the young squirrel could not hold in her burning questions.

"If Martin warned you in a dream that Satin was coming to steal the sword, then why did you let him in? And where is the sword? And who..." Mother Sharon cut her short.

"Thank you Mother- again. I would appricate it if I could continue with no further interupptions. Those are all good questions Beth, and I will get to them as soon as I can. As to your first question, Martin did warn me that he was going to try to steal the sword, but I only remembered my dream now. At the gate, Satin told me that he had changed his ways, and that he was a good creature. He is my brother, and I love him. However, I knew of his coming before today, and I am sorry that I did not tell you all sooner. But I am not going to ask him to leave, rather he will stay as our guest: I would really like to believe what he said. But if what Martin said is true, then we will need the sword. In another part of my dream Martin told me that we need to find the sword, and the true warrior would come. We should take heed to what Martin said, and try to find the sword. After we leave here, we will work in secrecy, without anyone, espically Satin, knowing. I have just this one riddle left by Abbot Joshua to me:..."


Satin was looking around the Abbey. It had been quite a while since he had lived there. He had already taken a bath and was quite clean: alomst looking like just another Abbey dweller. His beautiful dark brown coat shined as he walked past a window. He was on his way to Great Hall, to look at the tapestry. He was always very interested in the way every creature would stop-- just to look at Martin the Warrior.

Satin almost idolised him. He was a great hero, kind, and everyone loved him. Imagine that. Ha! Martin was great once, but he has been long dead, and his spirit taken to Dark Forest. What a cruel, wonderful beast. He slayed so many creatures, yet, for some reason, he was the founder of a peaceful Abbey. But why? His name was 'Martin the Warrior' why would he surrender his title of Warrior to become a lover of the earth? He could have been great! He could have been the ruler of all Mossflower with that sword of his and a deretmind spirit. That sword! The one that got me outcast of this beautiful place. Didn't it used to hang right above this tapestry here? Well, I'm sure they've moved it somewhere very safe by now. That Martin! So many things about him just... UGH! I wanted to be great! I wanted to be loved like they love him, but what did they see? A ferret, an outcast, a simple thief! I am more than that, and I always have been. If I wanted to really steal something just to steal something, I could have taken this Abbey, although I know they underestimate me. But I could, if I wanted to. I never would though; I've always considered this place home. My sister understands though. She's so kind, so understanding, always willing to give a 'bad' beast a second chance. Sigh, I think I will visit her now; I have seen this Martin enough!

The creatues from the council had gone about their daily duties. But they were still thinking about that riddle-- what a mind twister!

'The time has come for you to find,

The Sword of Martin now.

You must find sweet Columbine.

The ones who war did never please,

But sickness brought them all to leave.

It was in cold they found the warm,

The warm which love will bring.

Hearken now, and listen to,

The one who of life would always sing.'

Abbess Gloria was watching Dibbuns with Mother Sharon. They had been thinking about the riddle to themselves while trying to contain Abbey babes in the pond shallows.

"Lookit Mofer Sharon! I fee the big fishie! Here fishie fishie!"

"No Rosie, lets leave the fishie alone. Willa, you come down from this tree right now! You can play with your friends in the pond instead."

"But I don't like the pond Mother. It makes my tail all, umm... Not bushy! I's am squirrel, and squirrels like trees!"

"I know your a squirrel Willa, but look at all the fun the other Dibbuns are having in the pond. Please come down Willa, or I'll have to come get you!"

Abbess Gloria nudged the large Badger Mother saying, "I should like to see an aging Badger Mother climb a tree after a squirrel!"

"And I should like to see a ferret mother do the same!"

"Oh come on Sharon, we're not Dibbuns anymore,and besides, you know you'd lose."

"Oh really? What makes you so sure?"

"You can't be serious about this Sharon?"

"As serious as winter follows fall!"

"Fine! On the count of three, we'll race to the tree, I'll get to the top, come down, and you might be halfway to the tree already!"

"Oh, come on Gloria..."

"On the count of three: one...twothree!"

They raced as if they were naughty little Dibbuns running from the Abbot after pinching some strawberry tarts.

The Badger Mother had supprising speed for her age, and great size. The Abbess however was not running quite as fast as all the Dibbuns had expected her to go. It had all become a show to them! They laughed and giggled as they watched their elders and superiors acting just like them! They were halfway to the great tree where Willa hung by her tail laughing herself into a fit! In a great burst of speed, the Abbess ran past Mother Sharon, straight to the tree. She was nibly climbing up, when the Badger Mother had just reached the tree. Gloria grabbed the squirrel, and nimbly climbed back down-- passing Mother Sharon who was on her way up! Gloria was running and running: all the while holding the baby squirrel who was simply laughing and laughing! Then she reached the lake, and sat down to find her brother sitting next to her. They watched the Badger Mother running back with a distainful look on her face. She had been beaten already, so she gave up running. Slowly, the exhausted badger found her way back to the pond much to the amusement of the Dibbuns.

"I told you I'd win. I carried a baby squirrel and still beat you! It's a good thing we're friends, because I would not like to be an enemy facing a badger with that look on her face!"


Lord Bladestripe Brock was in his bedchamber at Salmandastron. Thinking. He was fighting bloodwrath, for he knew that it did not help him execpt in battle. He thought of his ancestors, Lord Brocktree, Lord Stonepaw, Sunflash the Mace: he had come from a noble line of Badger Lords. Yes, they had all had enemies, but none like this. This enemy was cunning, smart, too smart. It had fought differently. It fought not with a horde as so many others had, but it fought with a much deadlier weapon: it's mind. What kind of cruel beast takes not lives, not friends, but weapons. It had fought with other creatures emotions-- Sickly brilliant! To take another beast's most prised possesion, the weapon of a warrior, would make them completly vulnerable. Of course they could always make new weapons, but it would never be theirs, never be mine! How could I let this happen! An unseen creature, sneaking into my mountain, and the only thing they take is my sword! The sword of my ancestors! There have been numerous attacks on this mountain, but none so clever. This creature is evil, and it must die. How could I let this happen! Why...

The Lord's thoughts were abruptly interuppted by a knocking on his door. The massive badger got up, and opened the door to find a young hare making her report.

"No traces of any creatures axcept for hares, and of course, you Sah."

"Thank you Danille. You go to lunch now, I know that making that search made you late. Enjoy yourself."

"Thank you Sah. Care to join me, or would you like me to bring you some? You really should eat, bally good scoff in there, wot!"

"Yes, I think I will join you."

Walking to the dining hall Lord Bladestrpie asked the young hare, and newest member of the Long Patrol, "Danille, do you have a weapon?"

"Well, not exactly Sah. I've been practicing with Colnel Sage's bow 'n arows. He's been training me ya know. I'm working on making my own quiver of arrows doncha know. Why do ya ask Sah?"

"Oh, well I guess I was just thinking about weapons, if you know what I mean. Danille, how would you like it if I finished that quiver of arrows for you, and make a long bow?"

"If I may ask Sah, why?"

"I guess I need to take my mind off of it all. Now may I?"

It must have been quite a sight to see the Badger, Lord Bladestripe, asking permission from a young leveret. At this time, they had already been eating at the dining hall.

"Of course Sah! Who am I to jolly well refuse the Lord of Salamandastron?"

"Thank you Danille. May I also instruct you in swordship?"

"It is more of an honor than a request Sah."

"The honor I believe to be mine. Oh, and one more question which is not open for debate: will you stop calling me 'Sah'!"

"Yes Sah. Anything you say Sah. Just say the word and no more Sah. Oh yes Sah indeed! Sah yes Sah!"


"Quite! I just had to get the last of it out of my system... Sah!"

She ran off after eating to report to Colnel Sage for archery training. Rather fast too, just in case Lord Bladestripe decided to come after her.

Back at Redwall, everything was running supprisingly smoothly. Although not every beast trusted Satin, he was turning out to be a good beast. His sister believed he really had changed his ways as he said he did. The search for the sword had slackened very much realizing that Satin was good. The Dibbuns simply adored him. He would love to play with them, but still repremend them when they needed it. Satin was much like his sister in so many ways. They would spend long hours together in the orchard talking of his life, and the life at the Abbey. Satin was enjoying his new life at Redwall, and everything was right with the world.

But had Martin the Warrior, founder of Redwall Abbey really been wrong?

Had satin really changed, or was 'becoming good' just an act?

Did he plan to steal the sword in the first place and chaged his mind?

Was Martin actually wrong?


Satin was awake. It was around midnight. He got out of bed, and started walking. He knew where he was going too-- he was going to see Martin. He was enjoying his new life at Redwall. Good food, good friends, and always naughty little Dibbuns to play with.

Sigh, if only I knew it could last. But nothing lasts forever, not as long as there is weather, and time.

That mouse, the one from the tapestry, why does he keep bothering me? Isn't he content just to be in Dark Forest with his long dead friends? Why does he have to bother me. He is dead, and that is that. He keeps telling me, 'Don't Satin. Don't' what does he think I'm going to do? Hmmm... Odd. Now that I think about it, all of the times that he's visited me, he has never had his Sword. His legendary Sword. Why though is a better thing to be thinking about. Why hasn't he had his legendary Sword? I don't suppose you can lose something in Dark Forest. Ha! I suppose that I must have gotten it. I wonder where it is now? It's not that I really want to steal it, I more want to weild it-- I just want to be great!

That Martin-- he must have been simply insane! He had all that power, that Sword, and yet he was kind! Why would he do such a thing? Martin the Warrior, founder of Redwall Abbey, am I the only one who thinks that title is odd? A mouse who had it all. Why did everyone love him? What made him great? He killed so many creatures, and he fought among the bravest of the brave. He killed that Wildcat, Tsarmina. A mouse against a fully grown Wildcat-- I wish I could have been at that battle. If I recall history lessons from Brother Wexler correctly, Martin almost died in that battle. He was saved by that badger, oh, whatever her name was. But it doesn't matter, because she's dead now too. Badgers, mice, and all other kinds of creatures, all warriors, invade my dreams at night. I just can't sleep! Badgers- ha! What a joke-- Giant warriors who are all body and no brain. If that one at Salamandastron had even half a mind he wouldn't have let me steal his precious sword. Lord Bladestripe Brock indeed!


At Salamandastron, things went on as usual. Lord Bladestripe however, acted quite unusually. He could not find his mind!

The loss of his sword, not knowing why, or what creature did it, and the fact that they came into his mountain! The fact that it would be almost impossible to find this unidentitfied creature to exact my revenge, how could I let this happen! I am a desendant of Lord Stonepaw, Lord Brocktree, Boar the Fighter, Bella of Brockhall, Sunflash the Mace, Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, and now me. But I let this happen! Why did I let this happen! How did this creature get inside my mountain, and why did he steal my sword? What was the reason for an inside attack? My bloodline is filled with Bloodwrath- a compltely insane rampage only helping in battle. It is almost upon me, but I cannot fight that way now. I must fight the way that that creature fought-- with my mind. Stop now Bladestripe. You need a plan. You need to think.

You are the Badger Lord of Salamandastron-- Lord Bladestripe Brock! If you let youself keep worrying about how you let this happen, you will never be able to find your mind, or your sword again, and the enemy will have won! I will not let that happen. I must find my sword, and that creature must die!

The strong badger started walking to the forge room; he needed a sword, and he was going to make one.

He looked around the forge room, thinking. He thought of his ancestors, and how many of them had been in this room, with Bloodwrath almost upon them. How many noble Badger Lord's swords had been made in this room. How many great swords? Boar made a sword. Yes, for that mouse from Redwall Abbey- Martin. What a sword! What a creature! A mouse against a Wildcat- how? He must have had Bloodwrath. I wish to see that sword. I need to see that sword. I will go to Redwall Abbey, and clear my mind. But I will make a new sword, and slay that creature with it.

His mind had changed: just a few moments ago he had his mind set on killing that vile creature, and now his mind was clear, and made up that he was going to calm himself down, and go to Redwall Abbey.

"Colnel Sage."

"Yes Sah?"

"I am going on a trip to Redwall Abbey. I think I need to calm myself down, and find myself. I would like you to see if there are any others who would like to go with me. Specifically young hares who have never been there. I would love for you to join me, but I am leaving you in charge of the Mountain."

"Me Sah?"

"Yes Sage. However, I want you to stop instructing Danille for a while: I'm having her come with me. She's such a good young hare. She has a good head on her shoulders, and a kind heart. I will leave tomorrow morning. You are my best friend, and I leave the Mountain in good paws."

"Uhm, yes Sah. Might I ask why your leaving so soon?"

"I feel that I need to get there soon. Before I lose a working mind! Thank you so much, and just know that I'm only leaving you because I trust you the most- not because I don't want to be with you."

"No need to explain Sah! You are the Lord, you do what you want, when you want, no questions asked. Oh, and I will tell Danille the news right away. Wot! Wot!"

And with that they departed.


"Danille, where are you gel? Lord Bladestripe wants you young miss."

"You called me Sah?"

"Are you the young gel called Danille? Or is there someone else?"

A wry smile spread across her face. "I am. Doncha know that Sah?"

"No, I don't think I do wot wot!"

"Well then, pleased to meet you Sah. I'm Danille, what's you name?"

"My name is Mr. Totallyspiffinglywonderfulineveryway. But you can call me Mr. Wonderful for short."

"May I? Well then, pleased to meet you Mr. Wonderful."

They had both attempted to matintain a look of mock dignity, but they could not. The two of them started laughing the most outrageous laughs. "Oh you should have seen your face! Mr. Wonderful indeed! Hahaha! Whoo! Sigh. But you did really want to see me Sah?"

"Oh yes. Lord Bladestripe is going to take you to Redwall Abbey. He wants any young ones who want to, to go with him. However, the way it sounded, you are going to go whether you want to or not. Oh, I wish I could go. Splendid place Redwall Abbey. You'll enjoy yourself there-- have enough fun and scoff for both us wot! Say hi t' Collin for me. Oh, and you leave in the morning- report to Lord Bladestripe before then. Enjoy yourself, and seasons be with you."

"Colnel Sage, do you know why he wants me to go?"

"Good company I suppose. If you want the real anwser though, ask him yourself. Ta ta!"

Both of them parted ways. Danille wondering what Redwall was going to be like, and Colnel Sage wondering if it was the same. And generally, it was the same.


At Redwall, it was no longer odd to be with Satin. Everyone had gotten used to their new friend. Abbess Gloria particularly enjoyed the company of another ferret, besides the fact that he was her brother. The search for the Sword had come to a complete halt, and although it had not been very long, they all acted like the Redwall Abbey Council meeting had never happened.


"Hello Sah?"

"Hello Danille. Come in. I want you to come to Redwall with me."

"Alright. May I be so bold as to ask why Sah?"

"Oh well, you're good company. You're smart, and I think that you will be a good leader. I want you to come to Redwall because I think you'll enjoy it, and I have the feeling two brains are better than one."

"Oh.. erm, thank you Sah. I'm not all that you know." Danille unlike other young hares did not like to be praised. She was quite humble, although she had many good features. There was a silence for a moment, but only for a moment. As you know it is hard for hares, espically young ones to stay quiet for very long. "Sah, which other hares are going? Colnel Sage told me that any young ones who wanted to could come."

"Oh, about that. I thought about it for a bit and realized that there might be too many who wanted to go. So I am only going to choose them myself. It will be you, Terry, Davin, and Elaine. Prepare your provisions, and I'll see you in the morning."

"Yes Sah!" While Danille was walking out of the room, she heard his voice behind her saying, "And stop calling me Sir!"

I will continue this tomorrow.--Brockkers LOL, LOL-Lots of love, laugh out loud! 23:40, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

In the morning everything was running smoothly... with an exeption. Three words: hares and food.

"No, I personally did that pack, Terry. I know it's mine because it has the most bally scoff in it, wot!"

"Oh it has the most scoff in it eh? Well then I know it's mine. I personally did this one, Davin. And you can just tell Lord Bladestripe himself that you're being greedy, so there!"

"Hello. Now what was it that you wanted Davin to tell me Terry? Was it maybe that both of you are trying to steal my pack just because it's the biggest? Yes, I know for a fact that this one is mine. It has the most 'scoff' in it because I'm the biggest. Anyone care to argue?"

"Sah no Sah!" Danille smiled wiley at Lord Bladestripe.

"Now then. Our travel is not going to be a patrol, we are not watching for anyone in particular, our goal is only to get to Redwall Abbey, and be at peace for a while. I need to clear my mind so that I can think. I do not know how long we are going to stay, so if you need to pack anything else, or say any farewells, you need to do it now. However I have a few rules for the trip, and this is one of them: please don't accsesievly call me 'Sah'. I am Lord of Salamandastron, but soon we will not be at Salamandastron, we will be at Redwall. Does anyone have any questions?"

"I have a question Sah. If you don't want us to call you 'Sah', what should we call you?"

"Right Elaine. That's a good question, which I probably should have thought about before now. What about 'Brockkers'? That was a nickname for my ancestor, Lord Brocktree. Yes, 'Brockkers' I shall be for the trip, and while at Redwall. Another rule is that my word is law, and that if I say anything very serious, or even slightly serious, I must be obeyed. Is everyone ready to go?"

All four of the young hares stood at attention and together shouted in a very military fashion, "Sah yes Sah!"

"Right then, let's go!"

I may contine this tomrrow.--Brockkers LOL, LOL-Lots of love, laugh out loud! 04:11, February 12, 2010 (UTC) I lied! We all know that I didn't continue this 'tomorrow', but if you guys want, I guess I could update nowish? --Brockkers LOL, LOL-Lots of love, laugh out loud! 01:17, February 24, 2010 (UTC)


Redwall Abbey was it's usual self. The morning was still young, and the early risers were about the grounds and inside. Abbess Gloria was walking around, just enjoying the morning and the peace of Redwall Abbey. The ferret absent-mindedly brought herself to the Tapestry. She looked at Martin and smiled, thinking that had she lived in his lifetime, they could have been good friends.

"Gonff. Don't forget the riddle Gloria."

"Hello Martin. What do you mean by that? Who's Gonff?"

Martin stood right in front of her, as if he were any other beast. But he did not look like any other beast. He had the face of a Warrior, but was clad in the typical Abbey smock. Martin leaned on his magnificent sword, and smiled. Laughing softly, he said, "I am but a dead Warrior. There are many here who can help you. Just remember: Gonff. Don't forget the riddle Gloria."

And with that he was gone. Abbess Gloria found herself standing all alone once again in Great Hall. She was still looking at Martin. The same sweet Martin who was a warrior all the same, and he never changed. At any time, any creature could go into Great Hall, and see one of Mossflower's greatest heroes. There are not very many things in life that are like that; that you can just go to, and will always be there. And how often does it happen, that the 'thing' is a great warrior, who is willing to talk to simple beasts like us?

The Abbess marched straight up to the dormitories. She roused all the members of the Redwall Abbey Council silently. They all walked down-stairs, out the door, and to the gate-house. knock knock knock. Chance gave the door a sturdy knock, hoping to wake the gate-keepr: Brother Welk. An elderly mouse opened the door to see his friends waiting in the doorway.

"Come in friends. Take a seat."

"Hello everyone. As you can see I have once again gathered the Council together. This will be a short, quiet meeting. Is that understood?"

Everyone nodded their agreement to the Abbess.

"Now then. A few moments ago, I was at the Tapestry. Martin was standing right in front of me, and he told me these exact words, 'Gonff. Don't forget the riddle Gloria.' Brother Welk, are you writing this down? I don't want to forget."

Brother Welk the gate-keeper and recorder looked up from his birch-bark scroll and smiled, holding a quill-pen in his hand. For him, less words were words not wasted.

"Thank you. Now, I asked Martin who Gonff was, and he told me, 'I am but a dead warrior. There are many here who can help you. Just remember: 'Gonff. Don't forget the riddle Gloria.' And then he was gone. Does anyone know what he was talking about?"

"Well, we can find out who Gonff is, but as to the riddle, I think he wants us to find his sword."

"Of course! He wants us to find his sword! I don't know why I didn't think of that! Good thinking Beth! Now then, where is that riddle?"

"I have it Marm. Been trying to figure it out to. Jolly good wheeze of a riddle, wot!"

"Thank you Windscutt. Let's all work on it together shall we? Let's start at the very first sentence. 'The time has come for you to find..."


Lord Bladestripe and his crew had been traveling for just a little while. He soon realized, however, that traveling with hares is sometimes difficult, and that traveling with young hares is just... well... ANNOYING!

"Sah, could we stop for some scoff? It's been a jolly long time since brekkers, and I'm bally well famished!"

"Famished? We just left! I can still see the mountain-- it only takes up the whole sky! And stop calling me sir, Terry! You and your brother need to stop talking about food, alright? Now then, while we are at Redwall, you will use only your best manners. You will address creatures by their rightful titles, whether it be Mother, or Sister, or sir. But please, stop calling me sir! I know that that is how you have been trained. I am not asking you to disrespect me, I would just like to forget about being the ruler for a while, and just be another badger. Can you understand that? However, if you must, call me sir, that will be fine, butonly if you must. However, you may NOT under ANY circunstances, call me Lord. I am clear?"

"Sah yes Sah!" doing an attempt at standing still at attention, the young hares all did an akward salute.


At Redwall, the "short" meeting was still going.

"Shall we start from the begining one more time? Ok, first line. 'The time has come for you to find the sword of Martin now.' Yes, we know that. That is why we are solving the riddle. Now, second line. 'You must find sweet columbine.' We all know what columbine looks like, and where it grows. So, could the sword possibly be hidden in some columbine?"

'It's a theroy Mother, but if it were true, then what of the rest of the riddle?"

"Young Adilaide has a point, which I think brings up another question. What part of columbine? It grows in many different places, some of those places inside the Redwall grounds, and some of it in Mossflower Woods."

"Hmm... You do bring up a good point Sharon. we all know of columbine, but where? Well, let's just move onto the next line for now, shall we? 'The ones who war did never please, but sickness brought them all to leave.' Who could that be? the ones who war did never please. Well, all of us here at Redwall have never been pleased with war,but what of the sickness part? Sickness has never brought all of us to leave. In fact, I can't think of a time when it has brought any of us to leave. Any thoughts?"

"I have one marm. It's getting jolly well late into the morn, and we still haven't had brekkers yet, wot! I'm simply famished!"

"Yore right matey! I know that it sounds to us like ole Collin be talking out of his stomach, that's 'cause 'e is. But, 'e made a good point Marm, let's all eat!"

"Thank you Skipper. Sound logic wins again. What would I do without the walking stomachs of hares!"


The Council was taking breakfast in the Gatehouse. They were enjoying crisp fresh rolls, nut-studded cheese, pear slices, and Dandilion and Burdock Cordial: simple but good.

"Now then I think I have come up with a sensible suggestion that will help us solve this riddle. I suggest that we should find out who Gonff is, and then the rest might be easier to solve. Does everybeast agree with this?" Brother Welk rose from his chair. "Yes Mother. I will get on it right away. Now you creatures can go, I'll look through the Records. However, I would prefer a volunteer. Does somebeast care to join me?"

"I'd be glad to help you Brother Welk!" Seeing her friend Beth volunteer, Sister Adilaide decided to join them.

"Aye, and me too if I may." Brother Welk simply gave one of his beautiful award-winning smiles, and ushered them towards the Records.


"My mum used to say, 'Oh stay away!

Oh stay away from that pie!

Please don't make me bop you in the eye.'

And I'd always say, 'Oh, bop right away. I'd give a bop for a pie any day!'

Hmm.. oh yes, and then maybe, 'Then I ran away, oh I couldn't stay' or should it be umm... Tibbs! Huh! Fancy me not being able to think of a bally song. Well, slow progress isn't stopping, wot! Now then..."

"Please stop Terry! It would ruin my trip to have to 'bop' you in the eye. And I think that I might just 'bop' you a little bit harder than your mother would. Let's just have silence for a while, shall we?"

"'Course we can have silence Sah, Err.. Brockkers. Hmmm hm hm hm hm hmm hm hm hm..."

"Is your humming absolutely necessary, Terry?"

"I don't know: is it open for discussion, or was it not optional?"

"What do you think?" Elaine fluttered her eyelashes. "I think that his song was very pretty. Not every creature can compose songs that well doncha know!" Bladestripe stopped abbruptly.

"Silence NOW! Get down low. Wait here, don't move, I'll be back soon. Draw your weapons." This was urgent: you could hear it in Bladestripe's voice. The hare's heard other voices too, but they could not make out who or what the creature, or creatures, were.

I might continue this tomorrow.--Brockkers the Fearless 04:59, March 9, 2010 (UTC)


"Well, oh gosh! I give up!" Adilaide sat down in dispair at the difficult rhyme.

“You’re not really going to give up that easily are you!” Brother Welk pulled up a chair and sat down next to the young Sister.

“Well, hmph! Why does Martin have to speak in riddles? Why couldn’t he simply tell us where to find the sword?”

Beth smiled at her friend. Although they were the same age, the young squirrel was always willing to give advice, and for the most part, they were good suggestions.

“Well, if he didn’t speak in riddles, we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves so much trying to figure riddles out! And think of it this way: Martin would not waste his time telling us something if he knows that it's too hard for us."

Brother Welk rose. “She’s right. And we’re not getting any further by sitting here. Now. From the beginning: Martin said ‘Gonff. Don’t forget the riddle Gloria.’ Let’s start with the first word, and nothing else: Gonff... Alright then. Have either of you heard of this beast?

“Well, I know that when I was still learning how to be a Sister, I was half listening to you about Redwall’s history. I regret now only half listening. But I recall you saying something about Kotir, a Wildcat, and Martin’s friend. But I don’t remember anything else.”

“Of course! Why didn’t I realize that before! Ahh, yes Gonff—Prince of Mousethevies! Martin’s escape from Kotir, his traveling companion, and best friend! Gonff!”

While Brother Welk was speaking, he was urgently running his paws though records, looking for a specific one. It was odd to see the old gatekeeper & recorder in such a state. The usually calm, quite creature, now quite boisterous and excited. He knew the first part of the riddle!


“Stay low, I’ll be back.”

“Well I’m coming with you!”

“No, you’re not Danille! If I need help, I’ll call for you—all of you. But I believe that a fully grown Badger Lord can take care of himself.”

“I thought you wanted to forget you were Lord.”

Ignoring Danille’s comment, the badger rose to his full height silently saying, “You will stay here Danille Scutrun! And that is an order from me as your Badger Lord!”

The hares turned to Danille, and gave her odd glances mixed with questioning whispers. Soon however, they all turned to Lord Bladestripe. Waiting. Listening. Trying to identify the situation while staying low—under orders of course.

“Well? Answer the question, runt! What were you doing on our land?”

“Sir I was umm...”

A young shrew was bound to a tree being questioned by his captors.

“I didn’t know that this was your land! If I did, I would have never come here. If you’ll just let me leave, I go right away, I promise on my honor as a Gousim!”

“Any Gousim, whatever that is, could have no honor compared to the Quakespiker tribe. We’ll let you live, we just need to find what we can do with ye first!”

Lord Bladestripe came walking in on the situation. Summing it up, he drew his dirk which he always had on him. He thought of his sword. Oh! How many would have dropped dead just to look at it! The size! The weight! The sword bearer himself! Coming out of his day dream back to reality, he kept his weapon in front of him, while keeping his eyes everywhere.

“What wrong has this creature done?”

The obvious leader of the tribe, a massive hedgehog, looked at Bladestripe with no apparent fear.

“This worm has been trespassing on Quakespike land. Anybeast on our land becomes ours; therefore, he is our slave. As is our law. Do you have anything to say about it?”

“I am the law! What you don’t realize hog, is that you are looking into the eyes of Lord Bladestripe Brock of Salamandastron. Guardian of the Western Shores and Mossflower country, descendant of Lord Brocktree. I am not going to trifle with you. Release the shrew, or you shall die by my blade! I swear it on my word as a Badger Lord.”

The hedgehog put on a brave face, but knew that he was bluffing himself.

“Fight me then if you dare, stripedog! If it is a fight you want, it is a fight you shall get. But I must know: of what value is this pitiful thing that calls itself a shrew to you? You have never met, and you have no use for it. This creature is now my property, so I suggest that you stand back seeing as you are outnumbered three- to- one.”

The hog stood back-arms spread wide- revealing his tribe.

Gripping his dirk, taking his stance, eyes misting over with red, the Lord uttered only five words, “Nobeast calls me stripedog. EULALIAAAAAA!!!!”



The young shrew bound to the tree said the words that anybeast listening would not expect.

“Wait! Is this fighting necessary? Do we need to kill to establish justice? Lord Bladestripe, I wish to speak to you.”

Every creature was perplexed. A young shrew, being persecuted, says about his tormenters that he does not wish for lives to be lost unnecessarily. To react other than to stop no creature did. Confusion had set in on all present, and Bladestripe did as he was bidden. Even being the Lord he was, he knew the voice of reason, and it was not above him to be humbled. Even by the lowliest.

“Sir, you have spared my life. Will you not let me spare theirs? They do, however, need to be taught a lesson. I’m not particularly good with words, but I have a plan.”

This whispered conference was being held with the shrew still tied to the tree!

Lord Bladestripe addressed the company in the deep, strong voice that only a fully grown male badger could give.

“This young one speaks sense. Are you all really willing to risk your family, your leader, and your very lives, over one creature? Over a captive! Over one slave? Are you! This creature, this sensible young beast suggested that I teach you a lesson. And a lesson you will be taught. Flee now, do not harm any creature again, and I will have mercy on your pitiful little lives. If you ever persecute another living creature again, I will find you, and I will kill you. Do not doubt this. Anyone foolish enough to challenge my decision is welcome.”

Silence. Stunned faces and silence. They were ashamed. They were not bad-beasts, no one can be truly bad, but what they were doing, and what they had done so many times before was wrong, and they knew it. At that moment, the guilt they had was far much worse than any strike blow, or even death itself, could be.

Truly evil creatures cannot feel guilt, and they cannot regret doing something evil. They have no mercy, and they know nothing of love. No matter what they say, they are never willing to admit that they are truly wrong, or willing to heed someone else’s advice no matter how right it may be.

You will be able to detect evil creatures by these standards.

They hedgehogs fled, much to the pleasure of the young shrew, Bladestripe, and his hares! Yes! His hares were still waiting!


At the Abbey, things were terribly interesting for Satin.

The beautiful dark colored ferret was wondering where everybeast was. Yes, there were Dibbuns about, but that is a given. Honestly—where could they have gone?

I’ve checked Great Hall, the Dormitories, Cavern Hole and the like. 

Where have they gone, why don’t I know where they are, and what are they plotting against me?

Satin’s mind convinced him that they were plotting something against him. Could you believe it! An innocent creature like him! But what? What could be urged against a beast of his innocence? I haven’t been anything but sweet, gentle, and loving since the day of my birth! Why do they hate me? Oh yes, I’m sure they’re off on their own, excluding Satin—the evil ferret. Everybeast has issues, everybeast has problems, and everybeast makes mistakes. Why do they hate me so much for the only one I’ve ever had, and I must say in my defense, that that event was an extremely long time ago! Humph!

Satin stormed out of Great Hall where he was doing his “thinking” if you could call it that. If he had thought very much at all he would have known that they really did have no reason to plot anything against him.

He was becoming a part of the Redwall family. Everybeast knew it, and, although they still had their doubts, and were still pursuing the answer to that riddle, they all liked Satin.

But Satin was not thinking. He did not want to believe that they actually liked him, and he convinced himself, out of some sad, pathetic, and idiotically over-complicated "logic", that they hated him! Why anybeast would even want to think that is beyond me though, I must say. But it was settled in his mind that the Redwallers hated him. And that was that!