I would like a drawing of Zemmerug zitspikes crew. Each one separately please. I will give details on each of them below, and I will chose the best one to put on my fanfic "The story of zemmerug zitspike". Forrestfighter already agreed to draw Zemmerug, so this will be his six surviving crewmembers. Also, i recommend you read the fanfic, its better than the first three (I know they were too fast).

First Mate Whitepaw (PS: please put their names as the caption of the pic, if you don't mind)

A white stoat. Whitepaw has a pink nose. Pink paws, and a pink tailtip. His footpaws included. He has a dagger in a dark black belt. The buckle is silver, and he has three whiskers (two right and one left) and they are bent, old, and twisted. He is slightly taller than the rest but shorter than Zemmerug. He has no clothes, no hat, and no shoes. The inside of his ears are pink.



A brown ferret with a creamy coloured belly. He is old, and his fur is ragged. Deddclaw is medium brown coloured, like dead grass. He has an excess of chin fur, cream colured like his belly, coming down to his chest like a beard. Deddclaw has a cyan sackvest and a dark, dark green belt. He has a golden buckle, and a dagger in his belt, but he carries a curved cutlass like raventails. He has no pants, shoes, or a hat. The inside of his ears are pink.



A cream coloured stoat with a white belly. Stukkworm has tattered ears, and pink insides. His belt is dark brown, with a darker brown buckle. He has a cutlass in his belt. His eyes are slightly bigger than the rest of the crew. His teeth are also bigger. He is the shortest of the crew. He is the minorest character of the crew.


Waggy the Ferret

Get skinpaw from the redwall cartoon. Turn him black and turn his stripes dark grey. Then your done.



Hogtoe is just like Snakespur from the redwall cartoon. The only difference is that Hogtoe has a cream coloured sackvest, black belt, gold buckle, and a dagger. He wears nothing else and he has a ring in his nose. Its silver. His right ear is tattered.

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