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The fire roared as Redwallers around it slept, talked, and watched it's beautiful flames dance. It was an ordinary winter afternoon at Redwall. Most of the Abbeybeasts already ate supper and were resting in Cavern Hole.

Foremole Durtpaw nervously tapped his claws. "Oi'm a wunderin' when zurr furret gunner waken up."

Foremole's friend Skipper sighed. "I suspect he should be awake soon enough."

Earlier that day while walking through Mossflower Woods, Foremole spotted a ferretbabe unconcious in the snow. Had Foremole not saved it it surely would have perished.

The Infirmary nurse named Eulijie rushed in. "Foremole, Skipper come quick! The young ferret is awaking!" The trio of Redwallers then hurried to the Infirmary.

"Thank you for coming so quickly." The familiar voice of Abbot Genji filled the room. "The ferret seems to have forgotten nearly everything."

"Where am I."

Feeling it was his duty, the Abbot answered his question and asked his own. "You're at Redwall Abbey. Foremole found you lying unconcious in the snow. Do you remember why you were lying in the snow alone?"

The ferretbabe thought for a minute before answering. "I remember ,kerplunk, hit on the head wiv a rock. Now I can't 'member anyfin'." Questions suddenly appeared in his tiny head. "Who are you?"

Sister Eulijie handed the ferretbabe a glass of water. "I'm Sister Eulije, he's Abbot Genji, and there is Foremole Durtpaw and the Skipper of Otters. What's you're name?"

"Hmmm." The little ferret thought. "I don't know. I s'pose you should name me."

Foremole was one step ahead of him. "Wiv yur permission Abbot zurr, I would like to name the young furret."

Abbot Genji had no objection. "Why, of coarse Foremole."

"Thank you zurr! Yur name'll be Feral, thurt iz iffen you like et o' coarse."

"I like it very much, sir." The newly named Feral suddenly remembered a question he thought up earlier. "Are there any likkle uns like me to play with?"

A smile suddenly appeared on the Abbot's face. "Certainly, follow me and I'll take you right to them."

Thanks for reading! This is my first fan-fiction so feel free to tell me if I formatted wrong, or the like. I don't really know what's going to happen next so if you have any ideas, tell me. --CaptainNightfur 22:58, August 4, 2011 (UTC)