Far away at sea was a kingdom of vermin;The Kingdom of Venblez. The ferret ruler Venblez loved his ships,kingdom,and ferrets that worked for him.
A young ferret was walking down the dark halls to Venblez's chamber. Placing her ear on the door,she could heard her father's screams as he was being whipped by Venblez for losing his best ship The Bloody One to searats. Opening the door,the screams quite downed.
"Who's there?!"Venblez yelled at the door;the ferret came from behind it."Oh,Captain Conza of The Fishy Dog. Are you ready to go?"
"Aye,aye sir! My crew is ready to find The Bloody One."Conza was down on one keen to show she was respecting her King.
Giving her a nod,Venblez turned to her father Captain Tomve of The Bloody One."Get up and go with her! I want my ship back. Conza,don't return without the ship and the searats' heads,or else.....!"Venblez put his sabre at his throat.
As Tonve left,Venblez whispered something in Conza's ear and passed her a cutlass. Giving him a sly grin,she ran off to her journey to find The Bloody One.

Chapter 1

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