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This is a fan fiction story by Carda Silive. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

Hiyah this is a story starter or pass along story. Feel free to take it and make it your own! Just please make sure I know about it if you write the next bit - I would REALLY like to read any additions. Please comment and let me know about any grammar issues etc. Would really appreciate feedback. Enjoy!

The returning traveller

Spindel Chog was a friendly hedgehog with a kindly manner. He was from Redwall originally but had been traveling for many seasons and was now returning home. As he trundled down the path, he marvelled once again at the size and quiet grandeur the Abbey held. Bathed in fading sunlight, it glowed a dusky rose, the dark green of the climbing vines contrasting perfectly. It was the picture of peace and tranquillity, and so Spindel was surprised when the gate was opened by a young sniffling, red-eyed mouse.

“W-w-welcome sir. Do you, snff, require hospitality?” he snuffled.

“Why, isn’t it young Tipkin! Polish me spikes, if ye wasn’t just a little babe I held in me paws afore I left! Now look at ye, yer probably the same height as yer father. How is ol’ Siler, and yer luvly ma Larney too?” The hedgehog looked at Tipkin questioningly.

“They’re dead,” the young mouse said bluntly. Spindel took a step backwards in shock.

“What, ye mean to say that yer ma and pa, who were both fine, fit an’ ‘ealthy beasts when I left, have both died?”

Tipkin nodded silently before bursting into fresh floods of tears.

“It’s alright son,” the hedgehog comforted the young mouse. “Let’s get you inside and see what’s going on.” Spindel walked into the Abbey grounds where he was met with a strange sight. Large mounds of earth were piled haphazardly around. With a jolt, Spindel realized they were freshly dug graves. A few pitifully thin creatures toiled away, digging more holes. The once mighty fruit orchards were now wilted and fallen; the leaves brown and lifeless. The Abbey pond was a muddy puddle, the surrounding earth dry and cracked. Spindel was shocked by the transformation.

“What happened?” he asked slowly.

So there we go. What do you think? Please make it your own. It is just an idea.